Wolf Prey (Wolf Cove #3)

By Nina West


Forced to leave Alaska to run the family farm while her father recovers from a tragic accident, Abbi heads home knowing she has the one thing she wants most again –Henry’s affections. She’s determined to not let anyone get in the way of that again.

But love for Abbi has never been easy.

With an overbearing mother who believes she has the right to approve who her daughter loves, a childhood ex-boyfriend who will do anything to win her back, and a wealthy, handsome boyfriend who always gets what he wants, Abbi soon realizes she may have to make some impossible choices.

WOLF PREY is the third book in the sexy, addictive Wolf Cove Series, and should be read after WOLF BAIT and WOLF BITE.


Firstly, I loved book 1 and 2, the setting in Alaska, the constant sexual chemistry and fantastic characters around Wolf Cove. So I am devastated that Wolf Prey I have not enjoyed, the main reason is that Abbi and Henry’s relationship did not feature in my view as much, I did not feel it developing.  I felt so sorry for Abbi, she was alone and being ambushed at every turn and I felt that Henry left her to the wolves.  He just came in threw money around and then left her to all the judgements.

We were given too much interference by other characters and all their drama, back stabbing, and gossiping – it drove me mad.  I got to the point when Abbi’s mother starting ranting that I began skimming her paragraphs as I was over listening to that woman and her meddling and condescending tone and don’t get me started on Jed’s parents and her school friends.

I lost the passionate connection between Abbi and Henry and when I got to the 80% mark I just knew that there was a book 4 and nothing was going to be resolved in this book – I was frustrated.  Yes there was a declaration at the end but the whole trip to France to me was just an excuse for one particular erotic scene and by this point I was really disappointed with the whole progress of the Wolf Cove story.  I felt the addition of that woman from France just did not make sense to cementing their relationship when at the start of Wolf Prey they discussed and argued over their past dalliances with third parties.  So why bring in a new woman to just torment and give Abbi more to worry over and feel like a useless farm girl?

I did not want to be stuck on a farm for 75% of this book listening to Jed, Abbi’s mother and all the church congregation gossiping.

Where was the “Prey” in this story, I did not feel this, I am so disappointed as this series was one of my highlights from 2016.

Will I read Book 4? Honestly not sure, I think it could be highly explosive considering Henry’s brother is coming back into the story and he provides drama so I will have to wait and see.

Perhaps with time I will want to see just what is in store for Abbi and Henry – so long as they don’t go back to that dam farm.

I really wanted more for Abbi in Wolf Prey.

Wolf Prey

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