Wishful Thinking (Careful What You Wish For # 2)

By Michelle Escamilla

BR Wishful Thinking


Leila Garner never understood why her mother wouldn’t let her make a wish… 

Never on her own birthday candles and not even when she would see a falling star. Now in her twenties, she discovers it was because of a semi-competent fairy godmother and a wish gone bad. But Leila is optimistic and excited to find this fairy godmother and make her own wish—what could possibly go wrong? 

Leila is willing to take a chance to get the highlife she’s always imagined… 

She’s not asking for all that much, really. Just a job with a top fashion magazine, designer clothing, and the love of gorgeous, successful Jackson King. It’s time to make the ultimate wish, so she rushes to find fairy godmother Donna and set her future in motion. 

Has Donna learned anything since bungling Leila’s mother’s wish? Apparently not… 

While Leila technically gets what she wished for, Jackson King isn’t living up to his name, and the dream job is anything but. When she meets Lucas Knight, she’s sure she’s made a terrible mistake, and this life isn’t what she wants after all. 

Leila’s only wish now is to find a way to set things right. Is there any hope for her happily ever after? 

…or is it all just Wishful Thinking?


Despite her mother’s warnings, Leila is desperate to have all her dreams come true, so she tracks down her mother’s fairy godmother to grant her a wish.  She’s after her dream job in New York with a top fashion designer, as well as the hot guy, Jackson, who frequently comes into her coffee shop.  But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and she very quickly realises the dream job and dream guy aren’t so dreamy after all.  Not only that, but fulfilling her dreams comes at a price and her dreams have cost her some pretty important relationships.  With a best friend to get back and a cute IT guy catching her eye, Leila’s left confused and unsure of what it is she really wants.

Leila is the daughter of Harley and Matt from CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.  Donna, the bumbling fairy godmother, makes another appearance and turns Leila’s life upside-down.  But I’m starting to question whether Donna is really bad at her job, or deceptively good.  After reading CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, I was really looking forward to reading WISHFUL THINKING, but sadly I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first book.  While I thought it was a fun and light-hearted read, there’s no buildup and everything moves very quickly.  But it’s a cute story about a woman learning what’s really important in life and getting the HEA she didn’t know she wanted.

Wishful Thinking (Careful What You Wish For # 2)

My Rating:  3 Hearts 1/2

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