White Knight Dom Academy: The Beginning

By Lucian Bane

BR White Knight Dom Academy


Lucian and Tara have survived the Dom Wars but can they survive reigning as Mr. and Mrs. Dildo USA?

Maybe they could if they weren’t having to do it in Gramma’s stuck up religious home-town. All they have to do is train vanilla couples in the art of Dominance and submission–and sell one of every item in Gladiator’s adult-toy catalog within a certain time frame.

Not to fear, Steve comes to the rescue once again, only this time, he brings his wife who has addictions you would never guess.

And failing is not an option. If they’re to collect all of their winnings, they must comply with these terms. But if they’re going to keep the family name in tact and not get Gramma booted from her own home-town, they need to pull off their kink-heist without getting caught.

Let the games continue.


Before I get started, I should point out that this book is the continuation of Lucian’s six book series, Dom Wars.  I knew that going in, but reading this book without reading the six before it was difficult at times when it referenced characters and events from the previous books.  Did it affect my thoughts on this book at all?  No, not really, but it would have been nice to understand who and what Lucian and Tara were talking about.  I would recommend reading the Dom Wars series before trying this book.  Not that reading a whole series about domination and submission will be a hardship I’m sure.

I had my reservations about reading a romance novel from a male author.  I’ve only ever read one book written by a man before and it was so terrible I couldn’t even finish reading it.  But WHITE KNIGHT DOM ACADEMY?  So not terrible.

Likeable lead characters?  Check.
Likeable secondary characters?  Check.
Likeable storyline?  Check.
HOT HOT HOT sex that leaves certain body parts tingling with excitement?


So as I mentioned already, this is a continuation story of Lucian and Tara from Dom Wars.  After winning the Dom Wars, they should instantly be two million dollars richer, but they find out there’s a catch:  they have to train five couples over five years in the art of D/S, plus sell a range of sex toys sold by Gladiator Inc, all in Tara’s hometown, which in her words is prejudiced, uptight and religious.  Awkward!!!  The book ends with Lucian and Tara getting married and calling on a friend to help them determine the best and most secretive way to complete their contract with Gladiator Inc.

So what didn’t I like about this book.  The only thing I found off-putting was the level of swearing.  Doing a word search, “fucking” appeared about 100 times.  For me, that was a little too much.

What did I like about this book?  The kink and the fact that there was no pain or humiliation.  Lucian and Tara are two people very much in love, who enjoy a little (ok, a lot) of kink in their sex life.  The scene where they switch, when Tara is Domme and Lucian is Sub?  Yowza!!!  It was sizzling hot.  So hot it made me want to grab my husband and take him to bed (and if he’s reading this he’s gonna ask why I didn’t do exactly that).

While their sex is off the charts hot, in public the pair are very sweet.

“Tara…marrying you is getting to heaven…only without having to die.”

I cannot wait for the next five (?) books in the series.

White Knight Dom Academy: The Beginning

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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