Unveiled (Laid Bare # 2)

By S.R. Grey

BR Unveiled


Lucien and Dahlia can’t stay away from one another, so, why fight it? Giving in to their feelings, they vow to start anew. However, a surprise visit from Lucien’s mysterious cousin, Selene, puts a damper on the passionate reunion. 

Who is this disarming woman? Is she like Lucien, something . . . different? And why is she so set on getting Dahlia out of Lucien’s life? 

Faced with Selene’s disapproval, Lucien finds he is forced to unveil more of his power to Dahlia, thus placing her in a perilous situation. 

The Laid Bare story continues, but not without a cost to all those involved. 


I was a little disappointed with EXPOSED, but I had high hopes for UNVEILED and it did not disappoint.  There was a little more action and intrigue in this story and after not really liking Lucien or Dahlia in book 1, I found them much more likeable in this book.

We previously learnt that Lucien is something other than human but we now know that even he doesn’t know exactly what he is.  Using their dark magic, his parents created him with a plan in mind, a plan that Lucien doesn’t know the endgame to.  His feelings for Dahlia are obvious in this book and he’s determined to keep her safe and a part of his life, despite what his family demands.

After coming across as desperate in the previous book, Dahlia was much stronger in this one, which we saw when she was dealing with Lucien’s cousin, Selene.  She and Lucien definitely share a special connection, one I don’t think they fully understand.  It almost feels like it’s their fate, their destiny to be together.

Selene was an interesting character.  She knows more about their parents plan than Lucien does, but she’s bound and unable to tell him anything.  She’s a very bitter woman and is determined that she and Lucien will fulfil their destiny at any expense.

UNVEILED is told in dual POVs and does end in a cliffhanger.  And can I just say that it’s a good one.  Bring on book 3.

Unveiled (Laid Bare # 2)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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