Until Harmony (Until Her #4)

By Aurora Rose Reynolds


Harmony Mayson isn’t the kind of girl to take unnecessary risk, but after meeting Harlen MacCabe, she starts to wonder if maybe she should be. The more time she spends with the wild and free biker, the more she starts to crave the freedom he gives her… And even more, she starts to crave him.

Harlen lives his life on his own terms. After losing both his parents at an early age to a robbery gone bad, he knows how precious life is, and he’s determined to get as much out of it as he can. When he runs into the beautiful Harmony and finds out she’s moving to town, he knows it’s time to take his shot. She thinks he only wants to be friends, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

What Harmony and Harlen don’t know is that their time might be cut short. Revenge is in the air, and someone won’t stop until a debt is settled.


If you have read the Until Series, Harmony is Nico’s daughter and I loved their father/daughter relationship in Until Harmony. It was raw and real, she stood up for herself and her characteristics made me immediately connect with her.

Nico and his wife Sophie play their parts in this romance along with other members of the family.  You could probably get away with not reading the other books in this series.  Until Harmony definitely felt more standalone as you are not bombarded with extended family members.

Harmony is a planner and is careful in her life and the way the author built Harmony & Harlen’s friendship first was true to the characters personalities. One favourite moment was when they confessed they loved each other, emotional but then plenty of humour with Nico and her Grandpa being there to see the moment!

Harlen is careful but a very smart man.  He was perfect for the “BOOM” moment to happen to the Maysen daughter. His own story has sadness which assisted in softening his edges.

Harlen and Harmony’s physical connection is realistic and evenly balanced between hot & steamy and soft & tender.

Harmony’s life is in danger and this provides some great suspense.  We also meet Cobi her cousin and I am intrigued by his love interest who is introduced.

The Epilogue is actually one of my favourites in a long time, it was brilliant, the author gave us simple snapshots at poignant moments in their future, simply perfect.

Until Harmony (Until Her #4)

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