Unrequited (Fallen Aces MC#1)

by Max Henry



She was, still is, and will never be anything but my everything.

Our love was all consuming, passionate, and forbidden. We took risks to be together, carrying on an affair for months before her psychotic drug lord husband found the truth behind the lies. She barely escaped with her life … and that of my son.

My club president told me that our love was no longer worth the risk, gave me a choice, and loyalty to the club being what it is, I walked away from her. I left behind the only thing I’ve ever wanted more than life itself and remained the dutiful soldier to a corrupt leader.

Six years and a promotion to club president later, it’s time the lies stopped. She IS worth the risk, I’ve NEVER gone a day without thinking about her OR my son, and I know underneath it all she DOES still love me. She just won’t admit it … yet.

My Review

This is my fifth book by this author and again I love her stories, she has a way of weaving the characters together, gives you a story that takes your breath away, shows you life is dark and dangerous but gives you a belief of love will hopefully find a way.

Elena and King, their story is one tough, nail biting, heart breaking but addictive read and the ending left you wanting more.

Really loved watching their friendship evolve over secret coffee dates, their love making was raw, animalistic but passionate.

Elena’s life is just pure loneliness and she definitely made a deal with the devil but what is the catch? I have a feeling there is so much more to this story and I cannot wait to find out.

Loved The Butcher Boys Series by Max Henry and will be loving Fallen Aces too.

Unrequited (Fallen Aces MC #1)

My rating: 4 Hearts

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