Unexplained (Higher Elevation Series Book 1)

By Renee Regent



When it comes to love, some things just can’t be explained….

A skeptical reporter who witnesses the unbelievable…

It’s the late 1970’s, and tenacious journalism student Sarah McKenn doesn’t believe the rumors of strange happenings in her small college town of Fort Winston, Colorado. But a supernatural event she experiences while chasing down a story for her school’s newspaper leaves her questioning everything. In her quest for understanding, she meets and falls for Chris, the only man she believes can help her unravel the truth.

A psychology student determined to prove his psychic talents are real…

Christian Levine is on the cusp of a bright future as a research psychologist when he agrees to participate in a secret experiment at the request of his mentor. Though it’s the perfect opportunity to prove his psychic abilities, the project turns deadly when Chris discovers the real motivation of the man in control of it all. Chris is forced to choose between his own freedom or saving the lives of his mentor and Sarah─the woman he loves.

A bond that transcends all boundaries…

The chemistry between Sarah and Chris surprises them—a soul-filling passion and a deep psychic connection neither thought possible. Can they discover what their bond means before their lives are ripped apart?


Renee Regent has carefully crafted several stories lines into one book called Unexplained. There are several characters and they are equally important to the outcome of this story.

Chris is immediately attracted to Sarah. He can’t explain why he can’t stop thinking about her. They go through all the normal new relationship issues except for the fact that there is a psychic element in the mix.  They both have secrets that they are keeping so that makes for interesting challenge in trust.  But their chemistry is amazing and keeps them coming back together.

Sarah also has a story line with Zach, her best friend.  Zach is a photographer and they are on a story together.  They are trying to figure out all of the strange gossip in town and if there is any truth to the psychic phenomenon that is going on.

Chris has a story line with Dr. Engle and Ridgebock.  Both are using him for something.  Dr. Engle for scientific curiosity and Ridgebock to get rich.

The story lines are independent of each other and they are carefully woven together and lead to an exciting ending.  The beginning took a while to set up each character so at times it seemed long.  About half way through I became really invested in Sarah and Chris’s story and had to see how the different characters were going to come together.  Unexplained is a great start to this series and it will be interesting to see where Renee Regent takes these characters.


My Rating:  4 Hearts

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