Unexpected Fate

By Harper Sloan


I was given an ARC of this book by the author for an honest review.

Unexpected Fate I wanted to love the way I did when reading about their dads, Axel and Cage.  See Cohen’s step-dad Cage rescued Izzy from her abusive first husband and the fact that Cage played a part in returning Izzy to her first love Axel, I have to admit my expectations of this book were really high.

Do you need to read Corps Security first, well I think you do as you will not know half of these characters and let me tell you there are heaps as we now are talking offspring.

Just a side note, one character I loved in this book was Maddox’s daughter, she has spunk and a great vibe, she is exactly what I thought their daughter would turn out like, the pole dancing class was classic.  Bring out a book for her please!

Cohen and Dani’s love story was endearing and considering they grew up with each other it was fate they would end together.  I did like how the author didn’t make a fuss of the whole virginity issue, we crossed that threshold and the orgasms continued as they say.

Cohen as a character I found strong, alpha and very much in line with the whole Corps Security group of men who idolise their women and know how to fuck and his piercings sounded enticing!

I did find some parts disjointed where we jumped ahead, I know we were trying to cover ground but sometimes it did not flow into each other smoothly.

The main part of this whole story I struggled with was Axel and Danielle’s relationship and the fact of him smothering her in relation to the opposite sex.  There were parts where the story was trying to be humorous with Axel chasing a boy down the street with a chainsaw but it really did annoy me and I found it just all a bit silly.  Dani calling him daddy at 22 years of age was a bit freaky to me along with her accepting her dad being all overprotective, working in the hairdressers next door, it felt like she had no goals in life.  I would have liked to have seen her more like her mum Izzy in expressing her need to be her own person and growing as a woman. It just felt a bit odd to me that is all and perhaps if you have not read the Corps Security series you may obviously not feel that way.

The friendships between the children of the Corp Security family is endearing, they are all there for each other, the families celebrate different life events so this book was a nice way to re connect with my favourite characters.

Look all in all it was a great read probably because I love the Corps Security Series so much. Just to read about some old but favourite characters was nice for my soul.

Unexpected Fate

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