Undeniably His

By Amanda Chayse

BR Undeniably His

Undeniably His is the story of Annabelle and Kalin.  Annabelle has not been able to secure a job since graduation and is down to her last $11.42.  Desperate, her job interview with TALVIS Advertising CEO Kalin Davis couldn’t come at a better time.  During her interview, the sparks are flying and Annabelle tries to remain professional.  When she gets the call to meet Kalin for dinner to discuss her offer, she’s excited but apprehensive.  She knows the attraction goes both ways, but this is her career, her financial stability and she doesn’t want to risk it.  The offer is above and beyond what she was expecting and of course, there’s a catch.  A really big one.  He needs her help to keep control of his company as his board members are trying to take control and push him out, something they almost succeeded in while Kalin endured a horrible tragedy.  And these board members will do anything to protect their now exorbitant way of life, including murder.

Overall I thought the book was well written and had the potential to be a great story, but there are a few things that I found a little annoying.  Every time they open a bottle of wine, they talk about it’s price.  Kalin lied to Annabelle about his sexual history and she doesn’t get angry with him at all.  Considering she spent almost the whole book questioning his motives and needing constant clarification and confirmation of his feelings, I find this reaction (or lack thereof) completely out of character.  After they’ve had sex a couple of times, they stop using condoms.  And yet at the end of the book, Kalin is about to put one on and they both discuss how they don’t need to use them anymore.  I’m not sure how the beta readers missed that slip up.  And finally, I think Annabelle only works one day throughout the entire book.  I was expecting to read of sexual tension while working in close quarters and sex at his desk, but sadly no.  Because of that, I don’t understand why her job was even relevant in the end.  Why not just have a beautiful poor girl meet a handsome rich man on the street/bar/cafe and have them fall instantly in lust.  The rest of the story could have played out exactly the same as it did in the end.

Now you might think that because of the above I didn’t enjoy the book, but I did.  I liked Kalin and the struggles he overcame to seize back control of his company before Annabelle entered the picture and that he didn’t let his personal tragedy turn him into a ruthless manwhore as I’ve seen happen in so many other books.  I liked that when tragedy struck again, Annabelle stepped up and stopped questioning Kalin so much, despite having a reason to be a little wary.  I also liked Annabelle’s best friend Lia and the way she’d drop little bits of mechanical knowledge every now and then when appropriate.  I don’t know why, but I found it amusing.

Like I said, this book had great potential and I would read future books from Miss Chayse to see how she improves.

Undeniably His

My rating:  3 Hearts

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