Undeniable (The Key West Series # 4)

By C.A. Harms

BR Undeniable


Sometimes in life you are forced to do things you may not agree with.
Family meant everything to Jude Calvert. 
He would do whatever it took to keep them safe and provide for them no matter what it took to make that happen. 
Even if that meant putting his own safety at risk, he had no other choice. 

Callie Raine has always felt a heavy attraction toward Jude. 
He was fascinating. 
He was undeniable. 
She knew there was so much more to him than he allowed anyone to see. But she was a headstrong woman and feeling weak was something she wouldn’t allow. 
Except when it came to Jude. 

However, when Jude is hit with the unexpected and forced to rely on others, Callie realizes he doesn’t take weakness easily. 
He becomes even more withdrawn. 
More angry.
Will he finally give in and learn to lean on those who care? 
Or will he push them beyond the point of no return and once again be left to face his obstacles alone?


Jude is the sole provider and caregiver for his sister, Katelynn, and her two young children, Zoey and Matthew.  He’s a proud man who refuses to ask anyone for help and won’t let anyone enter his sacred circle of family and trust.  In short, he’s damn stubborn.  But he’s also a very loyal and honourable man, and the love he feels for his family is obvious right from the start.  Callie has had feelings for Jude for years, but apart from some flirting, she’s never been able to break through his walls.  When she learns the truth that is Jude’s life, she steps in and does whatever she can to help, earning love and friendship from Jude’s family.  She’s giving and strong, but she needs to be to put up with some of Jude’s moods and harsh words.  I loved Jude and Callie, but it was Katelynn and her kids that stole the show.  Zoey and Nathan are absolutely adorable, and Katelynn, despite all that she’s going through, can still give Jude a reality check when he needs one.

Katelynn:  “So open your eyes and give life a chance.  If you don’t, one day you’ll wake up and wonder where all your time went, why you let all those chances pass you by.  But then it will all be too late, because life does go on, Jude, even if you don’t want it to, and those opportunities you had will be forever lost.”

It’s official, UNDENIABLE is my favourite book in the series, and not just because the cover is smoking HOT.  It’s very sad and emotional, so make sure you have tissues at the ready.  UNDENIABLE is told in dual POVs and is the final book in the Key West series.  The epilogue is huge and includes POVs from all couples, past and present, so we get a glimpse as to how their lives are playing out.  And the bonus chapter at the end was a nice touch as well.

Undeniable (The Key West Series # 4)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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