Unbreakable (Fallen Aces MC #2)

By Max Henry



Dark romance. Contains violence.

The conclusion to King and Elena’s story of a second-chance at love.

Even after a broken heart is repaired, can the scars be too many for it to beat the same again?

Six years and a promotion to club president later, I’ve finally had enough of her excuses. The lies have to stop. She IS worth the risk, I’ve NEVER gone a day without thinking about her or my son, and I know underneath it all she DOES still love me.

This time, she’ll come home for good … she just doesn’t know it yet.


Loved this, what a painful, emotional and at times heart wrenching love story for King and Elena.  This story picked up from where Unrequited ended so you really need to read that first before picking this up.

If you have not read Max Henry’s other series The Butcher Boys, you also get to meet them in this story along with one of my favourite girls from that series which is Ramona and I loved her part in Elena and King’s story.  Ramona was in a relationship with Carlos’s son Sawyer and their story is told in the Butcher Boys.

These are two characters definitely torn by their own expectations of how they want their lives to play out and are both very strong and stubborn people.

Their love definitely was Unbreakable as was the connection to each other.

One thing I am dying to know what happened to Sully, he was in the first part of the story and then was only thought of by Elena towards the ending, perhaps he will return in the next instalment of Fallen Aces MC.

Unbreakable (Fallen Aces MC #2)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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