By Claire Marta


Still grieving from the tragic events in his homeland, Twitch is struggling to find a balance. While trying to control a new, unforseen side to his magic, the last thing he expects is to be consumed with thoughts of a pink haired girl with innocent grey eyes.

Bewitched and confused with the feelings Lexi stirs within him, Twitch is blindsided by the danger that surrounds him. What he thought he knew isn’t as solid as he believes.

With enemies drawing near, threatening both their lives, Twitch must master his new magic to survive, or be forever crippled by what has been unleashed.


Twitch is one of the characters that makes The Hunter Chronicles Series so great.  The fifth book in this series is devoted to him.  In earlier books he was a supporting character and best friend to Jasmine.  I really love Twitch.  He always manages to survive and becomes stronger.

In this installment Twitch finds himself starting a relationship with Lexi.  I think Lexi is perfect for him but she has some secrets of her own.  She is such a great character.  With her connection to Asier and what she is, their relationship has so hurdles to get over. I can’t wait to see where Claire Marta takes this couple.

There was also the introduction of two new characters to this series.  Nelly and Zook were great and offered Twitch a true friendship and help when he needed it.

This book was so fast paced.  It was hard to put down.  I loved the action and the romance.  The only thing that I missed in this story was Jasmine.  Jasmine plays an important role in Twitch’s life, even if it is just as a friend.  She is mentioned but I was just expecting her to have some advise for Twitch as he started this new relationship.  I can’t wait for the next installment to this series!!!


My Rating:  1/2

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