Twisted by Desire (Lust, Desire & Love Trilogy #1)

By Desiree A. Cox


I am really impressed that Twisted by Desire is a debut novel as the story is quite emotional and confronting as we are dealing with a serious love triangle and as a reader it makes you question your own beliefs as to what you would do in a similar situation.

Fair warning it also has a cliffhanger of epic proportions that leaves you staring at the last page cursing the author for not having book 2 ready to be downloaded. Seriously I would have been pressing the download button and staying up all night to continue on, so kudos there Desiree A. Cox!

Now there are three main characters, Nikki a strong-minded career woman and divorced mother who left her husband as in her mind he had no clear direction in life or interest in earning money to make their lives more affluent and secure.   Sky is the ex-husband and they jointly bring up their daughter in a really great way.  Nikki still loves Sky and they have a type of friends with benefits relationship and scratch the itch when needed as on a physical level they simply ignite.  Jeff is the new love interest and this is where things get really interesting as he is a real mystery to me.  At the start, he is easy going and dynamic and Nikki and Jeff have great dates and erotic sex with one condition is that Jeff being older than Nikki has no interest in having his own children – Nikki happy with her daughter agrees to this.  Jeff spoils both Nikki and her daughter and the relationship strengthens with a marriage proposal and this is where things get interesting.  Jeff once securing Nikki and her daughter in his home starts to change and becomes quite erratic and controlling in his demeanor which only makes me question his character more.

Nikki still loves Sky, Jeff works away doing god knows what (personally I think it is something illegal), Nikki has an itch and sleeps with Sky.  Now about now, I would be hating Nikki as I hate this scenario but honestly at this stage in the book I really love Nikki as a woman and mother.  I am so torn between Sky and Jeff as they are both giving Nikki the two components you normally get in one relationship – security/stability from Jeff and love/emotion from Sky.

What would you do?

I only have one negative comment which is probably more my comprehension of the story.  I found the writing style for Sky made me really connect to him as a character especially with his interactions with Nikki.  Some parts of Nikki and Jeff’s story I felt were not as emotional but then I suppose that is where the author is probably trying to differentiate between the two men.  I find Jeff quite abrupt, demanding and rude to Nikki and she just puts up with it which I did not entirely get as she is quite successful and independent in other facets of her life.

So now I am going to wait with baited breath as I need to continue on with this love trio. Book #2 is called Jaded by Desire, I am already thinking of a few possibilities as to how this story is going to unfold. The author has trapped me into this roller coaster so I am not going to even attempt to have a solid guess as to the outcome as it will be twisted out of my control I am sure!

Twisted by Desire (Lust, Desire & Love Trilogy #1)

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