Tall, Tatted & Tempting

by Tammy Falkner

Portrait of passionate young couple romancing over white background


She’s locked up tight. But he might be the key.

Logan Reed is tall, tatted and tempting. Kit’s a woman with a mean right hook and a secret.

Kit wants a tattoo, but Logan sees more than she intends to share in the drawing of the tat she wants. He sees her in ways no one ever has.

Logan’s not disabled; but he hasn’t spoken in eight years. He hasn’t needed to. Until he meets Kit.

Logan doesn’t know everything about Kit. Kit doesn’t know anything about herself, until she has to sacrifice all she ever wanted to save what’s most important to him.

This book is not meant for individuals under the age of 18 due to adult language, adult sexuality and adult situations.

My review:

Firstly – thanks to A Beautiful Book Blog for this recommendation, I had read three Mob Romances in a row and could not decide what to read next when this popped up on my news feed, was not disappointed.

Logan is tatted & tall and Kit is certainly tempting and their romance journey was passionate, heart warming and a true story of friendship.  One of the best parts of this whole journey with them was that of the Reed family, these brothers were strong and united together, that is what makes me want to pick up all the other books in this series and read them.  I want to learn more about this family and their history and hopefully see them all find their true love.

Logan and Kit both have obstacles to overcome in their daily lives, they trusted each other with their secrets and to see them bring each other out of their shells was really amazing.  Kit has a lot of secrets that she eventually reveals at pivotal moments but I love how she just melded into the boys lives at a time when they obviously needed a female touch.

This is a easy read, lots of humour, secrets, romance, passion, forgiveness & healing.

Tall, Tatted & Tempting

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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