This Time Around (Maybe #2)

by Chantal Fernando

This Time Around


I loved her.
I lost her.
But I’m not willing to let her go.

This time, I’m playing for keeps.

My review:

This Time Around is definitely about second chances at love and forgiveness.  I found this a real romance and I got a bit bogged down with the all backwards and forwards and really wanted a bit more insight into Taiya’s turn around.  I really felt all the way through that it was a major over reaction to the incident 12 months before and perhaps I could not get my head around that – I would have been more upset with my best friend that my husband.

So this is Ryan’s love story who is Reid’s brother from book 1.  Do you need to read book 1, no not really as they are not linked as such but I suggest you do as I did enjoy book1 so much more than this instalment and you get to meet all the major characters who all return in this book.

You will also get Summer’s quirkiness and how she really is the centre of this groups universe and deserves to be!  This book does however explain how Ryan is more sensitive and how the twins grew up and further explains Reid as a protector.

Now the best bits for me were seeing Summer and Reid again, my god I love that duo and they just resinate from the pages that these two people that are so well suited to each other.

This story did make me more intrigued about Tag and I hope his story will be passionate and raw.

I am glad I read this but am looking forward to stories for Tag, Dash and Xander – these are a great group of friends and I  will enjoy seeing them all find their true love.

This Time Around (Maybe #2)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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