Trust In Me (Protector Series # 2)

By Stephanie Reid

BR Trust in me

Sandra has had a pretty rough life so far.  After her father abandoned the family and her mother self-medicated with alcohol and later died, Sandra has been a mother to her younger brother David.  But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to get through to him and get him on the right track.

Coming home one night to a strange man in her house, she meets Nick who claims to be a business associate of David’s.  Fearing that David has joined up with a drug dealer, she follows the pair to a seedy side of town and ends up in serious trouble.  Nick comes to her rescue, not once, but twice that night.  Suspecting that David and Sandra’s lives are in danger, Nick (with David’s help) convinces her to stay with him.  It’s here she discovers who Nick really is and what David’s really been doing.

I quite enjoyed Trust In Me, which is only the second book Stephanie Reid has written.  I liked Sandra and Nick, as well as the secondary characters.  Sandra and Nick are both dealing with past issues that have shaped them into the people they are today.  Nick takes the responsibility of the whole world on his shoulders, while Sandra has trust issues when it comes to men.

Nick:  “You trust me with your protection.  You trust me with your body.  And right now, you’re going to trust me with your pleasure.”

I really liked the slight humour and witty banter as well.  It would sneak up on you and it was just enough to defuse most of the tense situations.

Sandra:  “Where have you been for the last half hour?”
Nick:  “Uh…” Imagining the twenty different ways I’m going to make love to you if I ever get the chance.

The best way I can describe my thoughts on this book is to reference Goldilocks.  It wasn’t too hard, it wasn’t too soft.  It wasn’t too cold, it wasn’t too hot.  The humour.  The mystery.  The relationship.  The sex.  The end.  Everything in this book was just right.

Trust In Me

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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