Troy: Fianna Fail: Soldiers of Destiny

By S Kline



Contains graphic sex, drug use, and violence. Not recommended for anyone under 18. 

Troy Donovan has it all; respect, legacy, and women. Men envy him, and women just want to be with him. All women except for Kaci Quinn. Kaci made the mistake of falling for Troy once when she was twelve. After finding him making out with her cousin she vowed never to fall for his games again. But how will they handle fate throwing them together as Troy tries to prove himself to the organization by avenging his mother’s murder? Will desire bring them closer than ever, or will fate tear them apart for good? 

“I was a powerful man by birth. My life chosen before I’d taken my first breath, it was a blessing and a curse. Fianna Fáil owned Palms, Florida. Half the cops were on our payroll, and the other half weren’t brave enough to stand against us.”

My Review

I was provided a copy of Troy by the author S Kline and for a first time book it is quite good.  I am looking forward to seeing  where this series goes as it does have potential.  The many characters and background stories that were told in this book and the ending had me eager to continue on and read Dylan which is being released next month so S Kline has done well in that respect.

Look I really liked the outline of the story which is based around a group of mafia families with plenty of hot guys.  We meet one son Troy who is stepping up and fulfilling his destiny within the organisation as his dad is in jail.  Now all the children of the fathers are expected to work in the business and this is where we meet everyone including an only daughter Kaci.  I actually found the first half of the book in some sections had a bit too much of information overload.  So many people and scenarios were introduced I kind of got a bit lost and had to ask myself “now who are they related to/involved with?”.

Troy and his friends are man whores and there is drug use in this aswell but it is not overdone in any way.  Now Kaci is one character who is just beautiful, I actually really liked her and this story dramatically improves when Troy and Kaci have to go away together, its like the book found it’s real soul. Kaci and Troy are both headstrong and stubborn and have history, so of course emotions and feelings are revealed. The sex scenes were good but did not really hit the wow mark and or make me really hot or tingle in those special places

The twists and turns and revelations of characters truth and lies made the last part of the book really fantastic and it all flowed well together.

I do have one part I found odd and I have to get it off my chest- “Spoiler Alert”

When Kaci is revealing her pregnancy in the hospital it did not make sense to me in the timeframe of things.  When she said they were operating on her after the shooting scenario they realised she was pregnant and you know they had only done the deed without the condom like a night before all hell broke loose. She is then having emergency surgery and they find she is pregnant.  I did not think your pregnancy result can get discovered that quickly, even blood tests take a few weeks – Perhaps I misread something and have my timeframes mixed up.  Anyway no great upset and am glad she is pregnant as I think Troy will be all alpha protective in Dylan which I will love.

Wanted to give it a 4 but just fell short- hope Dylan will be a 4 Heart or higher – looking forward to continuing on with these characters xx

Troy: Fianna Fáil: Soldiers of Destiny

My rating:   3 Hearts

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