Triplets Make Five

By Nicole Elliot


Delilah hates me. But I’m going to marry her anyway. Delilah is different. Quiet. Reserved. Smart.
But she doesn’t want anything to do with me.
So, of course, I have to have her.
She’s got the sultry librarian look, full lips, all those curves, I can’t get enough.
I’ll convince her to be mine. Just one night. And I never fail.
But I’m her new boss. And if anyone at the office found out about our one night stand, we would both be ruined.
So we’ll keep it to one night of passion.
Then we’ll go our separate ways.
That was the plan anyway.
But now I can’t let her go.
Because she’s carrying my babies.
All three of them.
And I won’t let her do this alone. 


Deliah is one of those wallflowers that you immediately connect to and want her to find her true love and place in life.  As a reader, I felt every emotion as the author took us on her journey to happy ever after.  Her anxiety and the way she protected herself yet still shone in her professional life spoke to me on a personal level.

Triplets Make Five is such an easy and light read and will make you smile and believe in true love and happily ever after.  This has all the elements of romance that enable you to believe in magic and beautiful moments, that men see beyond the facade and to the true person.

The flow of the story is perfect and kept me engaged and the supporting characters provided more light-hearted moments and helped cement this couple.  Deliah’s parents were strange and I actually thought they had ulterior motives but then they just disappeared which made me happy.

Preston was a great character, he was alpha but also respectful of Deliah and slowly pulled her walls down.  I appreciated that he acknowledged her integrity and how smart she was on a professional level and respected that.  I would have loved to have had a chapter on work finding out about their relationship and all those employees that just overlooked Deliah and the wonderful person she was.

A wonderful surprise was the extra stories with this book, there are eight other romance stories to enjoy.

Triplets Make Five

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