Torn – Video Book Club

Title: Torn
Series: Stand-Alone
Author: C.J. Fallowfield
Release Date: August 31, 2016


Christine’s Review

Christine gave Torn 3.5 hearts. This story really is a coming of age story. I gave this story a lot of consideration before giving my final rating. There were some areas of this story that really had me thinking.

I found that I didn’t care for many characters in this story. I really loved Nate and Sky’s parents. I didn’t care for Billy’s character at all and wondered if he really belonged in the story. I liked Josh but there were several times that I thought he could have handled himself differently. I also found that Sky wasn’t the strongest character. Even though she didn’t realize it at the time she played a game with those boys. She always knew who her choice would be but she choose to create a scenario where two would be hurt.

The story as a whole almost felt like the pacing was a little off. The beginning was really slow and it didn’t get faster until the 60% mark. Then the story moved really fast. It was also really, really, really dramatic. Almost too dramatic without any balance. I like a good cry but I need it balanced with humour or anger or even happy moment. I really wanted to love Torn but there was too much drama going on and I really only loved Nate.

My Rating:  3 Hearts 1/2

Lulu’s Review

So Lulu is deftinately Torn about her rating – in the end I have given it 3.5 Hearts – I found this story really slow and it honestly did not grab me until after Valentines day – then all hell breaks loose. The continual underlying story for Billy and his mum really annoyed me – either disclose the big secret or move on – I really wanted Nate & Josh to find out their true story. Sky’s dad was another character that I felt angst towards (his curfews and inability to see the goodness in two of the three boys) however he redeemed himself when Nate really needed a man figure.

My god what Nate & Josh go through for his mum is unbelieveable – again really depressing. There are so many secrets and endless sadness for all four characters and this wore me down. I have to say I did not feel good about Billy from the start of this book and when his secret is revealed I was not surprised. Valentines night chapter was just incredible and this is where the whole story blows apart for me and really gets going, alas it was at 50% of the book and I really thought the first half of this book dragged – the sexual buildup for Sky to lose her virginity was too long and do not get me started on the chapters covering the three date scenario – I actually disliked Sky for awhile after that.

I loved the ending it was perfect in that everything was resolved there are no what ifs for this story. I really wanted to love this more though. My favourite scene was when Sky was in the Kitchen and she has a wonderful moment that basically gave me happy tears instead of sad tears – I was shaking with fear thinking it could not be real. I thought I had it all figured out who had broken her heart, trust and who would kill – think again until you reach the last few chapters! In the end Sky pays a hefty price and in the end there was only one male character I will love forever and that was the guy that sacrificed so much for his family.

Have a happy romance book on the standby after this – you will need it – took Lulu two books on her favourite book shelf to get over this tragic tale – it left me Torn Apart.

My Rating:  3 Hearts 1/2

Vicki’s Review

TORN is the second book I’ve read from CJ Fallowfield and as with the first one I read, I found this one to be quite depressing.  It’s a long story filled with a lot of bad situations, sad events and roadblocks, so you can expect to shed a lot of tears.  It comes with a HEA, but it’s a huge struggle to get there.  The story starts out slow and drags for about the first 50%⎯after which the pace picks up quite a lot⎯and it takes place over several years (about five, I think), so there are huge gaps in time throughout.

The main characters are Nate, Josh and Billy (two brothers and a cousin) who are all vying for the affection of Sky, the new girl in town.  I didn’t like Billy at all, but I think he was written to be unlikeable.  I initially liked Josh, but his hurtful admissions and scenes towards the end turned me against him very quickly and I ended up finding him weak and a little cruel.  There were times I liked Sky and times I didn’t.  I didn’t like that she lead all three on a bit until she finally decided which one she wanted to be with⎯which was the one she wanted from the start⎯but I liked her when she displayed amazing strength and fortitude.  Nate was my favourite character and he was the epitome of self-sacrifice.  Everything he endured broke my heart.  My main fault with him was that he gave too much of himself.  At times he needed to be selfish and think about his own life and future instead of always thinking about others.

TORN was a book that I read fairly quickly, but I definitely wish there was less drama and more happy times.

My Rating:  3 Hearts