‘Tis The Season To Be Kissed

By Amy Andrews

BR Tiss The Season To Be Kissed


A down-on-her-romantic-luck kindergarten teacher plans to drown her New Year’s Eve sorrows in a gallon of spiked eggnog, but the arrival of her best friend’s sexy brother threatens to melt the snow piling up outside the tiny Vermont cabin. 


Tamara is avoiding the New Year’s festivities and has holed herself up in her friends cabin.  She’s not fit for company and plans to drown her sorrows in eggnog and leave her depressing year of dating where it belongs⎯in the past.  It’s going well until she attacks an intruder with a golf club.  It gets worse when she learns the intruder is her friend’s younger brother, Luke, who has returned home early from deployment and is hoping for some quiet downtime before meeting up with his family.  But Tamara is fiery and cute and suddenly being stuck together in a cabin opens up a world of possibilities.

I really liked Luke and Tamara and enjoyed reading their story.  Luke is smart and funny and really quite charming and a good match for the smart but serious Tamara.  He’s younger than her by five years and while that’s not an issue for him, it is for her.  She wants to settle down and assumes that at his age, he wouldn’t want the same.  But he’s been deployed twice which has made him very mature for his age.  Now he’s ready for some normalcy and perhaps a family to come home to.

‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE KISSED is a really cute and fun novella, with the story taking place on New Year’s Eve.  This is a standalone and as with the other ‘TIS THE SEASON novellas, the story ends with Luke and Tamara beginning a relationship.  ‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE KISSED can be bought separately or as part of the ‘Tis The Season Bundle, which is a collection of four Christmas & New Year novellas.

‘Tis The Season To Be Kissed

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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