The Same Side (University Park Series #2)

By C M Doporto

the same side

Firstly have to get off my chest, bravo to the author for the moment in the book when she lost her virginity.  Did I feel as I missed something no, it was probably one of the first books in a very long time that did not make me bang my head against my iPad about the whole best night of my life rubbish, it did not hurt and angels sang.  We get to read about all their sexual exploits but I liked how their first night was like a secret between them two as characters.

Ok so moving on The Same Side finds Raven and Lexi are now together.  She has broken off her engagement to Colin and is taking a big jump with Raven, all hell is about to break loose.

This series really does have all the drama you expect from a college story.  I must say in this book Delaney and Luke really got on my nerves, their relationship was constantly in the background but they then would pop up here and there in the storyline.  Delaney, what is her story, I am thinking the author may have another book up her sleeve so we may not find out too much about them, I am just expressing a hunch, I am probably totally wrong but Lexi questioned so many of their moves in the storyline, weird to me.

One other thing that did not make sense for me, what happened to Colin, where is he, I really wanted some more showdown scenes between the three of them.  It’s liked he sulked off to a corner somewhere and is licking his wounds, considering he is an athlete I really thought he would have more fight and competitiveness  but now reflecting he really did not love her so she gave him the easy way out.

This book I found not as emotional as book 1, it did not grab me however I am so involved in Lexi as a person I cannot let her go.  I am proud of the way she stands up to her mother and father, she has guts and determination and I really think it is why I am loving this series and this books ends off in a great way.

Look yes Raven is hot but something is tugging at me about him, why did he not go to her parents, he just stayed away?

I am still in two minds about this whole series, I am continuing on as Lexi is in my heart and she is such a strong and smart female character.

The Same Side (University Park Series #2)

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