The Kiss Of Life (Soul Mate Rescued # 1)

By Char Sharp

BR The Kiss Of Life


Do you believe it’s possible to fall in love again at first sight? 

No? I didn’t either. 

I was eight years old, when I told the love of my life that I would marry him someday. He laughed at me. He was nine years my senior and my big brother’s best friend. My wish came true though, and as adults, we did marry, and lived in wedded bliss for six years, until one fatal night…when my world changed forever. 

My name is Elizabeth. Terrorists murdered my beloved husband, U.S. Navy Commander William Grey Foster. Thirteen long months of sleepless, lonely nights crept by as I mourned my husband, when suddenly they took everything else from me. Now, my life was in danger, too. 

Rescued by U.S. Senator John Prescott Cole, an ex-Navy SEAL and rich playboy, he quickly became my protector. 

Could he rescue me not only from danger, but from being heartbroken and alone? 

Who would protect my heart from this handsome, fearless man? Part of it would always belong to Will, but could I give away the other part to a man who’s known as a womanizer? 

Is true love really only once in a lifetime?


THE KISS OF LIFE is the debut novel from Char Sharp.  The story sounded interesting and who doesn’t like to read about a millionaire politician that can kick arse, take names, rescue the girl, all while falling in love and committing to a single woman.

Unfortunately there were a few little issues I had with the book that were hard for me to ignore.  I couldn’t relate to how the characters spoke to each other; it was so prim and proper and sometimes the dialogue was like reading a polite letter.  The two main characters addressed each other by their names constantly, and again, that just doesn’t happen in real life.  I thought that reading about the music the characters were always listening to, as well as the designer clothes Liz and John were wearing, was overly descriptive.

Despite the complaints above, I did find myself enjoying the story.  I liked both John and Liz as well as the secondary characters.  The action scenes were by far my favourite; they were written really well and had my heart pumping, hoping for a win for the good guys.  While I did enjoy the story, I felt it was a little slow going and it took me a few days to finish it.  If this is indeed Mrs Sharp’s debut novel, she has great potential writing in this genre and I would read another book from her to see how she’s progressing.

The Kiss Of Life (Soul Mate Rescued # 1)

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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