The Gentleman Mentor (Lessons With The Dom # 1)

By Kendall Ryan

BR The Gentleman Mentor


He calls himself the Gentleman Mentor.  Just reading his ad makes me feel more alive than I have in years.  He promises to teach me the art of seduction … and show me the most sinfully erotic pleasures. He’s going to help me become the kind of confident, sexy woman men can’t ignore.

Six lessons … with the most gorgeous man … who happens to be a Dom.

The only problem … now that I’ve experienced his brand of delectable domination will anyone else ever compare?

She’s a client. That’s all.  Or it should be.  But with every lesson, she’s becoming more.  The secrets I’m hiding behind the image of the Gentleman Mentor make telling her the truth–and having anything real–impossible.  I’m training her for another man, and that fact guts me every time I think of it.

I know she’s not mine … but part of me won’t accept that.

Am I willing to risk it all to keep her?


Brielle is in a dating funk.  No matter how many dates she goes on, how many men she meets, she never clicks with anyone.  Her problem is most likely caused by the fact that she’s been crushing on her friend for the past five years.  She wants tips on how to seduce him, so she enlists the help of The Gentleman Mentor.  Enter Hale.  As The Gentleman Mentor, he will teach a woman in just six lessons how to win over a man.  This six lesson limit is to ensure that his clients don’t get too attached to him.  But what happens when the attachment goes both ways?

Overall, I thought THE GENTLEMAN MENTOR was a fairly good read.  The scenes between Cameron and Brielle were very hot and fun to read.  That being said, I’m not sure how they managed to fall in love when only sex was on the table, they only meet up for lessons once a week and they only meet six or seven times.  I also don’t understand how she was supposed to learn seduction techniques when all he did was teach her how to sexually submit to a Dom.  And for being a Dom, I was very disappointed that he was too scared to chase Brielle down and claim her.

Now here’s where I get a little extra picky.  For their first “date”, they were to meet at 8.00 pm, but when they’re getting ready to meet, they both comment that it’s almost 6.00 pm so they have to go.  Their second “date” took place on a Friday night, but when Brielle thinks back to that night, she says it was on Saturday night.  So like I said, this is me being extra picky and these little errors might not be a big deal to some.  I usually ignore these sorts of mistakes with a debut author, but it’s not something I like to see in an author as accomplished as this one.

I know I’ve voiced more negatives than positives, but I did enjoy THE GENTLEMAN MENTOR.  But would I read book 2 in this series?  Sadly, probably not.

The Gentleman Mentor

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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