The Final Note

by Helen J. Barnes

The Final Note


Dayton Scott loves three things in life. Mixing music. Producing music. The club scene. He embraces the DJ lifestyle, well, except for the meaningless sex and fast women.

Alannah Matthews hasn’t got time for men. She is on the verge of qualifying as a legal secretary and, frankly, she has had enough of men talking to her chest.

Their paths cross at a house party and they whip each other into a spin. They fall deep, hard and fast. But not everyone is happy. Enter, Regina Escarra. She runs Manchester’s hottest nightclub for her father, Dayton’s boss. She has wanted Dayton for a long time and has the contacts to make or break his career.

A once in a lifetime opportunity arises for Dayton and he wants Alannah by his side. But can she leave all she loves? Will Regina finally get her wish? Can Dayton make his mark on the music industry? It all comes down to – The Final Note.


Don’t judge a book by its cover, it is relevant for this as I have to admit I did not find the cover appealing but inside is an incredibly well presented story.  I was given a free copy by the author to review this.

It was refreshing to read about a DJ, there are not many romance stories I have come across with this storyline and really enjoyed the scenes that played around the nightclubs and their friends.

Dayton is a DJ, hot, sexy and so cool and the main love interest is Alannah, she is a really a strong character who knows what she wants.  I admire her towards the end of the story when she makes some really hard life decisions.  Can I just say it was fabulous that they did not profess their undying love to each other after two weeks, the author built up their affection and attraction to each other, when they finally had hot passionate sex it was awesome and then they made love which was tender and romantic.

There were some really crackerjack moments that made me smile, her little brother is cheeky and I laughed out loud quite a few times and fist pumped with Alannah and her friends as they took on the bitch.  One particular line I have to share which cracked me up is:

Dayton  – You always look gorgeous to me, babe, even with your head down the toilet,naked

Alannah – Tell anyone and I may be forced to strangle you in your sleep

Dayton – If you do it with your thighs I will go down without a fight

The book flowed really well, took us through their initial romance at a steady speed, fast forwarded in the right spots and then also provided us with closure and romantic outcomes for some of the players.

Alannah’s relationship with her family is one component of this story I really did enjoy, it was refreshing to read a book where the main character’s home life is stable and she has open and loving communication with them.

I would actually read another book on this couple they made that type of impression on me.

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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