The Escape

By Alice Ward


She needed to escape. I needed to be saved.

Like an angel, Madalyn Durand swoops into my life, rescuing my little girl while I fight for my son. And how is she thanked for her bravery? By having every damn thing she owns taken from her.

Even in her most desperate hour, she’s perfect. Majestic. Me? I’m nothing like her. I’ve failed. At my marriage, at being a dad. I made the Hottest Billionaire Bachelors list, but I can’t protect my kids.

Then I get a second chance.

When my children need me the most, I become a full-time dad, and Madalyn, like some miracle, is by my side. What I didn’t count on was how she would feel in my arms. Under me. Next to me. Maybe forever.

But someone else wants her forever too. Someone she tried to escape, but who won’t set her free.

Can I save her from this evil? Can I save my kids? Myself?


The Escape was an incredibly easy and fast read, it has all the romantic moments but also has a wonderful family storyline.

Xander and his two children were my favourite parts of this story.  There were touches of humour but also some moments of sadness with a sensitive subject.  Xander definitely stepped up and became the father these two children needed.

Madalyn was an incredibly easy character to fall in love with.  From those first few chapters, I wanted her to find freedom from her family.  She had such humility and determination and was so caring for Xander’s children.

Xander’s Ex-Wife and Madalyn’s Prince she was being forced to marry created suspense and much drama throughout the story.  Towards the end, you knew confrontation was coming and it was perfectly placed within the storyline.

The romantic and sensual moments between Xander and Madalyn had great balance and it was lovely to see their relationship develop.

The ending of The Escape was very enjoyable and neatly tied up their romantic story.

The Escape

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