The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection

By J. S. Scott

BR The Billionaire's Obsession

After reading Mine For Tonight, I couldn’t resist finishing Simon and Kara’s story again, so out came my copy of The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection.

The Complete Collection comprises of four short stories:  Mine For Tonight (# 1); Mine For Now (# 2); Mine Forever (# 3); and Mine Completely (# 4).  Books 2, 3 and 4 are not available for individual purchase, so if you want to know what happens to Simon and Kara after book 1, you’ll need to buy The Complete Collection.  But at $0.99 on Amazon, it’s a bargain.

If you’ve already purchased and read Mine For Tonight separately, you can skip straight to book 2 in this collection.  I won’t go into each story in great detail as all four stories are very quick to read.  Book 1 flows seamlessly to book 2, book 2 flows seamlessly to book 3, but book 4 takes place almost a year after they got together.

In the beginning of Mine For Now, Kara witnesses an attempted robbery and her life is threatened.  While at Simon’s birthday party, Kara stumbles upon Simon in an upsetting situation, which Sam (Simon’s older brother) makes worse by being a total dick.  Feeling betrayed, Kara leaves the party alone and moves out of Simon’s apartment.  Simon, who only knows what Sam did and not what Kara saw, leaves her alone when he realises she’s moved out.  Instead of tracking her down and trying to explain what really happened, he leaves her alone to replay the upsetting scene over and over again for days.  Argh!!!  Some men just don’t get it.

Only after Kara ends up in hospital after an attempted abduction does Simon explain to her what happened and the pair start to repair their relationship.  But Kara quickly throws a spanner in the works when she tells Simon she can’t be intimate with him anymore until he trusts her enough to tell her why he has issues when it comes to sex.  She wants all of him and doesn’t want him to hold back from her anymore.  Of course, being an alpha-male means that it takes days for him to realise what he could lose if he doesn’t give Kara what she wants, what she deserves.

The collection ends with Simon and Kara madly in love, about to experience a couple of life changing events.

What did I like about this collection?  The hot sex scene in the elevator.  The steaming sex scene in the bathtub.  That Kara decided she deserved more than what Simon was willing to give and demanded it.  Did I mention the hot sex scene in the elevator?

What didn’t I like about this collection?  There’s a difference between being an alpha-male and being pushy and rude, and quite often Simon just came across as pushy and rude.

My rating:

4 Hearts

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