The Beast In Him (Pride Series # 2)

By Shelly Laurenston

RBTS The Beast In Him


Animal magnetism has a whole new meaning. . .

Some things are so worth waiting for. Like the moment when Jessica Ward “accidentally” bumps into heartthrob Bobby Ray Smith and shows him just how far she’s come since high school. Back then, Jess turned to jelly any time Smitty got near her. Some things haven’t changed. Except now Jess is a success on her own terms. And she can enjoy a romp–or twenty–with a big, bad wolf and walk away. Easy.

The sexy, polished CEO who hires Smitty’s security firm might be a million miles from the lovable geek he knew, but her kiss, her touch, is every bit as hot as he imagined. Jess was never the kind to ask for help, and she doesn’t want it now–but someone is targeting her Pack. And Smitty’s not going to turn tail and run. Not before proving that their sheet-scorching animal lust is only the start of something even wilder. . .


THE BEAST IN HIM is the story of second-chance romance between Bobby Ray Smith (Smitty) and Jessie Ann Ward.  Jessie Ann (an orphaned wild dog) grew up in Smithtown, a town run by Smith wolf shifters.  Smitty and Jessie Ann had crushes on each other, but Jessie Ann was special to Bobby Ray, so he didn’t treat her like the other females in his life.  Determined to make something of his life, Smitty joins the Navy at 18 and leaves Jessie Ann behind.

Flash forward 16 years and Smitty now co-owns an up-and-coming shifter run security firm along with best friend, Mace.  Providing security for a party held by a mega rich computer security firm reconnects him with Jessie Ann, who is now the alpha of her mega rich wild dog pack.  Not bad for a little orphan girl who was constantly beaten up by the she-wolves growing up in Smithtown.

So this book has all the characters from THE MANE EVENT, with the addition of the Kuznetsov wild dog pack.  Jessie Ann’s pack is a little crazy and a lot geeky, but so much fun.  Again, the supporting characters make this book very fun to read.  Perhaps sadly so, the other named adults in Jessie Ann’s pack are already mated so we won’t be seeing stories about them.  But they will make appearances in the other books in this series.

I like to include funny scenes of these books in my reviews, but I couldn’t really find one that jumped out at me, at least that wouldn’t take up a huge space in this review.  But the antics of the wild dogs, and how other breeds react to them, are very funny.

This book ends with the wedding of Smitty to Jessie Ann, and is the opening scenes in books 3 and 4.

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The Beast In Him (Pride Series # 2)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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