The American Lover

By G E Griffin

BR The American Lover


Faith Jackson 
• Devastated after being widowed from the love of her life at the age of twenty five. 
• Still struggling to come to terms with her now meaningless existence two years later. 
• Copes by burying herself in her demanding job at the Royal London Bank. 

Caleb Mackenzie 
• Bitter and cynical after his divorce. 
• No longer believes in love or monogamy after finding his wife in bed with another man. 
• Driven to succeed in his high powered role at the American Western Bank. 

When Caleb is sent over to London for a week to finalise a takeover, Faith is assigned to work with him.  Neither wishes to expose themselves to being hurt again. Neither is interested in any kind of a serious relationship.  Both understand that sex can provide a temporary distraction from real life. 

The American Lover. The perfect solution?


THE AMERICAN LOVER was a sweet story about two people hurt deeply by love in two very different ways, both determined never to fall in love again as the potential heartbreak just isn’t worth it.  But as Faith and Caleb get to know one another, feelings become involved that make it harder for them to stay on their loveless paths.

Sadly, THE AMERICAN LOVER just wasn’t for me.  The dual POVs didn’t work that well, with quite a bit of repetition occurring between the POV switches.  I can understand Caleb’s issues and insecurities, given that his wife cheated on him and said some very nasty things to him when he caught her in the act, but Faith is also insecure.  In my opinion she’s overly insecure, which is odd because she had a really good marriage with Drew before he died.  Like I said, it’s a sweet story, but I found that it took me forever to finish it.  I just couldn’t get into it and thought about not finishing it several times.

The American Lover

My Rating:  2 Hearts

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