The Consequence of Secrets

By Eve Cates



A married woman. A devout man. Both have taken vows. Both will break them.

When new priest, Braden Daniels, meets his new congregation, he can’t help but notice the beautiful young woman with the downcast eyes. There’s something about her that calls to Braden, and he assures himself he just wants to help her – to find out what has her looking so melancholy.

Each day she prays, and each day he tries to talk to her. She resists until eventually she doesn’t.

It feels good to talk, and Emma Walker can’t seem to stop once she starts. Slowly, Braden begins to learn everything that troubles the beautiful Emma – he learns her secrets.

And with each passing day they grow closer, until they have a secret of their own.

But all secrets have consequences…

My Review

This is my second series by this author and again I love her story telling, she takes a topic that is perhaps a little taboo and twists and turns the characters and takes you on a roller coasters of emotions, drama and intense romance.

Emma has deep secrets and lives an incredibly sad life for someone so young, she is a very strong character and it comes across in the pages as Eve twists the story.  I fell in love with Emma right away and at some points in this story I had tears in my eyes for this incredibly strong woman.

Now Braden is a complex character he is not devout by any means and took to priesthood after a wild childhood.  I could see how these two characters came together to perhaps show clarity to the life choices that they took that were perhaps not their true and final course.

Emma’s sister was a fantastic side character and Emma’s dad stood up and was a true parent when it was needed by Emma.

I really believe things happen in life for a reason, people are brought into your life for a purpose to get you to your final destination and in this book we follow two people who are obviously destined to meet and repair each other hearts and show them their true path with each other to happiness.

The Consequence of Secrets

My rating:  4 Hearts

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