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By L J Shen



They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true.
The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares.
He is a brilliant lawyer.
A skilled criminal.
A beautiful liar.
A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover.
Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him.


She is a starving artist.
Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom.
Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down.
She paid the price.
Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate.
That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t.
So she hates me. Big fucking deal.
She better get used to me.


Vicious how can I hate him, love him, be devastated for him, want to strangle him and then want him to take me up against his boardroom door like he did with Emilia – I am hot, frustrated and just so emotionally invested in this story.

Firstly, the cover – LOVE IT – that is Vicious – I have not seen a cover that so explicitly depicts the main character as well as this one does – Brilliant!

Vicious is another fantastic story by L J Shen, I did not think I could love another one of her characters they way I loved Sparrow (if you read Vicious and love it – you need to read Sparrow too – I have read that about three times in 2016).

Now back to Vicious, the group of guys, I am thinking as this is #1 we should be seeing another three books – I do hope so – I am dying for Dean’s story as he was an intricate factor in the love/friendship triangle.

My favourite scene was the art showing as we find out what she was painting on Christmas Eve. I was shaking, had tears in my eyes and when Vicious saw and understood the meaning – god to entwine their history into that painting – brilliant – butterflies in the stomach moment right there.  Then his reaction to that painting, opening his emotions and laying himself out bare I simply fell in deep love with that man as before I was simply lusting after him.

We get dual POV, the story does jump backwards to them growing up and also Vicious and his family history but it was done at moments that were critical to the story going forward – it was done to perfection.  As I was reading this story I was continually highlighting paragraphs of moments in time in their story I did not want to forget. The dynamic of the friendship with the four guys was one of my favourite parts, them growing into men and forming their own company and his friends knowing all along how he felt about Emilia.

The emotion and intensity of Vicious and Emilia’s connections both in the physical and mental sense are inspiring and exhausting but so rewarding – I am left wanting more – I was not prepared to let them go at the end of the story.

Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1)

My Rating: 

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Silent Daughter

By Stella Noir & Linnea May


“I am going to break you. 
I am going to free that little monster inside of you, peel off every barrier of protection – and reassemble a new you.

Moving back home after graduating college was not the plan, but I have nowhere else to go. For now, I have to live in my family’s unpleasant company, secretly fleeing to the darkest corners of my mind when I am alone.
They are right to keep me at distance. There is obviously something wrong with me. Me, the bad seed.
I am invisible.
To everyone but him.
However, even my darkest fantasies never took me where I am now. Robbed of my freedom, my clothes and control over my decisions.
I am his captive. Confined in a gilded cage laced with pleasure.

I made it to the top. In a world divided into us and them, I have become one of them. This is who I am, where I belong, among the rich & powerful. I am used to getting what I want – and I know I want her from the moment I see her. Elizabeth Barrington. That quiet but strong fairy, waiting to be broken. She may not understand it herself, but her eyes are begging for me to take her.
So I will.
She didn’t think I would go this far, but here she is. Collared and chained to the bed, completely at my mercy.
Mine to keep, mine to train, mine to please.
But Liz is unlike any other sub I have trained before.
She is dangerous.

**This is a Dark Romance with themes of kidnapping, captivity & steamy BDSM scenes. Intended for audiences 18+ & not for the faint-hearted. Contains situations some readers might find objectionable.**nsert Synopsis Here


Silent Daughter was one simply dark, dangerous, dirty and down right delicious read.  I could pick this up again as I was not ready to leave Leonard and Liz because I want to know their future.

One of my favourite parts of this book was the fact we get dual POV which enables you to connect to both characters as this is a highly emotional read.  The sexual BDSM scenes are highly erotic and some of the most intense I have read in a long time – truly satisfying and give you all those tingles and stomach turns you read dark romance novels for.

Silent Daughter Liz is ignored and ridiculed by her family for being different, wanting an education over an arranged marriage. The way this is written you immediately connect to her on an emotional level and could see how she could be intrigued by Leonard when she first meets him.  Leonard and Liz are outsiders in a world of money and privilege who have deep dark secret needs.

Leonard peels away the layers of Liz, at the start this is a mind and physical game for him but it is riveting to see how the dynamic in their relationship changes over the course of the book.  Leonard frees the Silent Daughter, he enable Liz to escape from the guilded cage that is her life and encourages her to be herself and acknowledge her different needs.

Whilst I devoured the darkness, emotional and physical erotic scenes of this story, the ending provided me with romance and new beginnings and gave me the lightness of love.

Quote: He isn’t normal, and neither am I. We are perfect for each other.

Silent Daughter

My Rating: 

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El Diablo (The Devil #1)

By El Diablo



I was ruthless.
I was feared.
I had sacrificed. Myself. Her. Everything…

Living in a world where I was worth more dead than alive was a choice. I was a bad man, never claimed to be anything else. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. Seen things that can’t be unseen. I’ve caused pain that I can’t undo.
It was all my choice.
Every decision.
Every order.
Right and wrong never mattered.
Until her.
She was under my protection, until she became my obsession.
But who was going to save her…

From. Me. The devil himself.

Fate brought us together. Destiny destroyed us.
STANDALONE. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Full length novel.


El Diablo delivers those book moments (yes there are more than one) when you’re reading and you want to stop, it feels hard but you know you have to continue.  This story tied me up in knots, I was scared for the secrets, not wanting to know but really needing to know if my feelings were correct. This story is amazing – I simply loved it.

El Diablo  is told in two parts, however the overall theme is about the women who moulded this man to be who he is.

The first half told his story of young first love, his protection of his sister and his devotion to his mother.  This is a hard story with loss and different types of love and him becoming that man.  One scene with his sister and her friend is an incredibly tough chapter but moulds this man.

Moving on to the second half – this was my favourite – it is more dark, raw and gritty.  I held such sadness for Briggs and totally devastation for Lexi but wow their characters and how they affect El Diablo kept me turning those pages.

Lexi was my favourite character of all the women for sure, the interactions, emotions and drama were fantastic.  It was so interesting to see how part one of this story ultimately paved the way for how El Diablo lives and conducts his life.  I was trying to piece everything together, I gave up and just enjoyed the passionate and heart breaking moments that was Lexi’s life with El Diablo literally conducting her life like a conductor of a orchestra.

El Diablo’s secret is outstanding at the end and ties all my questions together and thank god I got my answers, amazing how the author intriquitely weaved all the characters together. I cannot believe Sophia’s connection to it all and my god the lengths El Diablo goes for Lexi is breathtaking and I cried with relief at the ending.

This story is dark and dirty but the ending is beautiful and one of the best I have read in such a long time – so fulfilling – it is so worth the devastating journey.

El Diablo (The Devil #1)

My Rating: 5 Hearts

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Dark Desires (The Hunter Chronicles Book 2)

By Claire Marta



Jasmine Hunter finds herself knee deep in a decadent vampire nest in Prague. A killer lurks the medieval city and is preying on blood donors who frequent the home of the local Vampire Mistress.

With her teammates from Scotland Yard in tow Jasmine, must attempt to discover the murderer’s identity.

But will things go to plan? Sex dungeons, submissive human pets, and sexy dominant males are a lot for a rookie to cope with.

Especially when Eric is the last person she expects to see…

Requested to assist with the hunt for a vicious serial killer by an old friend, Eric is left speechless to find Jasmine offering herself up as food. The attraction between them is burning as red hot as before, and his lust for the feisty female is just as deep.

More disturbing, his emotions which he normally has leashed, once more slip in her presence. Yet this time they feel different. Darker, primal, and savage yet Eric cannot explain why. The insidious pull of the other predators around him is also more than a sweet temptation he finds himself unable to resist.

Combining forces, Jasmine and Eric must play the parts of Master and submissive.

But nothing is as it seems.

Can they work out who the killer is in a household full of deception and secrets before it is too late? Or will a price be paid in blood….


Dark Desires is book two in The Hunter Chronicles Series.  It picks up months later after Eric and Jasmine’s night in Paris.  We come to find out that Eric has had  no communication with Jasmine since that night.  Which has left Jasmine a little confused and frustrated.

Eric is still hot but doesn’t seem to understand women very well.  He is still very protective and is just beginning to realise what he wants.

It seems that Jasmine has decided that she is done waiting on Eric.  She dives into work.  She wants to prove herself to her coworkers and her boss that she can be a great field agent.

On her first assignment, she goes undercover in a vampire nest that leads her right back to Eric. As they start working together to track down a killer, Eric starts having stronger feelings than he has ever had before. He is not sure what is going on with him just that he has to have Jasmine.

Claire Marta has seamlessly put a cast of characters that work so well together.  There is a really family feeling between Jasmine, Twitch and Gemma. Their banter is so funny.  There was also a laugh out loud moment between Twitch and Eric that even when I think about it now brings a smile to my face.  New characters were also added to this book:  Asier, Kane and Conall.  There is a complicated relationship between Asier and Eric when it came to Jasmine. Each want to keep her safe but there are other forces at play that interrupt a long lasting friendship.

This book as mystery and suspense.  It will be interesting to see where Clarie Marta takes Eric and Jasmine’s relationship in the future.

Dark Desires

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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Submission is Not Enough (Masters and Mercenaries #12)

By Lexi Blake



A fallen hero reborn

Theo Taggart lost everything the night he died. His family, his beautiful Erin, and worst of all, he lost himself. A twisted doctor brought him back from the brink of death, but reprogrammed his identity to serve her will. Rescued by his brothers, he must fight to reclaim the man he was and the life, and love, that were stolen from him.

A love worth fighting for

Erin Argent thought she’d lost Theo forever. When he walked back into her life, it was nothing short of a miracle. Months of torture and conditioning at the hands of Dr. Hope McDonald have done damage to Theo that may never be mended. He has no memory of her or the life they shared. Breaking through to him, and helping him rediscover all he lost, will be the toughest mission she’s ever faced. Luckily for Theo, Erin loves a good fight.

Their reunion under siege

Unfortunately, Hope is far from done with Theo Taggart. Obsessed with her prize experiment, she will do anything to get him back. If the only way to finally break him of his past life is to kill Erin and his son, then she’s only too happy to oblige…


Submission is Not Enough has now become my personal favorite book from this series.  Lexi Blake combined humour and emotional heartache that had me laughing and crying and laughing and crying.  I love how she brought back all of the characters that we love and we got to know new characters that will find a place in our hearts.

Erin is a truly special person.  She was a tough kid that had to overcome what was lacking in her family.  She deserved to have an easy adulthood but that wasn’t in the cards for her.  It was her tenacity that won me over.  She learned so much while she thought Theo was dead and she never gives up on a fight.

Theo is a man that has literally lost everything he knows to be true.  His family hasn’t given up on him but he has no idea who he is or what it means to be a Taggart.  When he comes back from the dead he has to find himself again and relearn everything about what his family is made of.

Hope McDonald is the very definition of evil, but brilliant, mastermind.  She is obsessed with Theo and will do everything in her power to get him back.  She is definitely a person that you can just hate.

Lexi Blake put in the right mix of past and present into Submission is Not Enough.  Many times in this book we were taken to the past and learned what brought these two together.  I also loved all the humour that was injected into this story.  Ian provided a lot of humour and a lot of tough brotherly love.  This book had everything in it that makes this series so great.

Submission is Not Enough

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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Mystery Man (Dream Man #1)

By Kristen Ashley




Night time is the right time…

Gwendolyn Kidd has met the man of her dreams. He’s hot, he’s sexy, and what started as a no-names-exchanged night of passion has blossomed into a year and a half-long pleasure fest. Sure, it’s a little strange that he only appears in her bed at night, but Gwen is so sure he’s the one, she just can’t turn him away…

Hawk Delgado knows more about Gwen than she could ever imagine. She’s gorgeous, headstrong, and skittish about relationships. But Hawk is facing his own demons, demons that keep him from connecting with anyone. Yet when Gwen is drawn into Denver’s lethal underground scene, Hawk’s protective nature comes out full force. The problem is, when Gwen gets a dose of Hawk’s Alpha attitude in the daylight, she’s not so sure he’s the one anymore…. 


Hawk is one big great Mystery and definitely all alpha man – I loved him.

Gwen has the ability to be stark raving mad one minute, ditzy and girly then next breathe and  all soft and sensual.  So many times my heart broke for her as she fought to break down the walls of not only her heart but of Hawks.  Loved her rambling on about friends and family sometimes to complete strangers and big ass bikers – made me laugh so many times.

Now onto the other Mystery Men – Tack and Mitch – how can one book give us three men we would all want to be warming our sheets.  I really enjoyed the banter between Hawk, Mitch and Tack as it created some really intense but also some really funny moments.

Gwen’s family and friends also provide some great moments along with the drama story involving her sister.

Mystery Man  simply does not stop from the moment Gwen goes storming into a biker shop to find her sister who has sent trouble to her front door – her verbal diarrhoea of moments of pure frustration is really funny.

I also loved Elvira and her “boards” – that chick rocked and her knowledge of all things Hawk!

If you have read Rock Chicks you will be pleased to see that the Nightingale agency makes a cameo towards the second half of the story.

The next story in this series is Dream Man which is Brock’s story, now he helped protect Gwen in a certain situation in Mystery Man so he definitely deserves some sweet love.

We also get a snapshot of Hawk and Gwen into the future – HEA guaranteed by Kristen Ashley.


Mystery Man (Dream Man #1)

My Rating: 5 Hearts

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Dirty (Raw Family #2)

By Belle Aurora



My marriage seemed perfect from the outside looking in.
People envied me. They wanted my life, wanted to be me.

Mrs Alejandra Gambino.
Wife of Dino Gambino. Daughter of Eduardo Castillo.
Respected. Loved. Mob royalty.

They had no idea of the horrors that lurked behind closed doors.
They didn’t know I was at the lowest point a person could reach.

Enter Julius Carter.
Aloof, handsome, blue-eyed Julius Carter.

He saved me.
I screwed him over.

Now everybody was after me. My life was forfeit.
It was only a matter of time. I was a dead woman walking.

The question was, who would get to me first?


Firstly if you are disappointed with Dirty being Julius’s story you are in for an absolute cracker of a journey.  We actually get two stories that run parallel and then combine in an almighty finish that will leave you gagging for Raw: Rebirth. If like me you needed to know about Twitch (considering the way Raw ended !!) – I admit I went to the back of the book and yes I read “A note from Belle”.  I needed to hear from her and I felt happy after reading her message considering I had read Raw probably more than four times since 2014 keeping my love of Twitch, Lexi, Julius, Happy and my hate of Ling alive.

So much to say, so happy, tears for Twitch and Julius and their extended family, you think you knew everything, my god Raw touched the surface.  Dirty whilst dark, vicious and deadly was such an inspiring read for me with strong characters.  So many answers and knowing that more goodness is to come, I am simply so happy, Ana and Manda are two wonderful characters I want more of.  This tale is woven beautifully considering the harshness of Ana’s life and then we get the whole six degrees of separation, loves the twists and turns.

From chapter 45 take yourself somewhere quiet, ignore the world because you are in for one hell of a ride – its Raw and Dirty.  Chapter 47 with Twitch and Evander is one of my favourites.

Ana is my hero, how this beautiful woman could endure the Dirty life she was forced into, you need to put on your big girl panties dear reader to follow her life but the journey to the end is pure redemption.  Ana has so much to give to the Raw Family and I believe we have only touched the surface and that she has some redemption to be delivered.

Fantastic continuation of the Raw Family, how can I love another like Twitch well Julius stepped up to the plate big time, what a hero he is.  Learning more about Twitch and his family and all his connections, it was riveting and is a true mob style story.

Ling Ling I did not like in Raw but Dirty left me devastated – how Ling could be so deceitful, she is not right in the head, I do hope in Rebirth that Julius delivers pure justice.

Dirty (Raw Family #2)

My Rating: 5 Hearts

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Girl Divided (The Binding Series Book1)

By Cordelia Michelsen



Ellis Calhoun and Vivian Parker share a lavish New York lifestyle, but their relationship is anything but conventional. Driven by his need for control, Ellis, a mysterious and sexy corporate raider, feeds off Vivian’s desire to submit, before she herself was even aware of that desire.
But soon, unexplained urges that aren’t her own begin to drive a wedge between them, challenging Vivian’s identity as Ellis’s subservient lover. Even stranger, she has no recollection of her moments of defiance. Vivian loses time and memories for no reason she can understand. But maybe there’s an explanation after all…Delphine.
Girl:Divided is Book One in The Binding Series, a story of what happens when the real world and the supernatural world collide. Enter into this realm of mystery, intrigue and kinky sex in this paranormal romance series.


Girl Divided is a dark romance about a girl who meets a dominant man and outside unforeseen force that will change their lives forever.

Vivian is a successful chef who owns a vegan restaurant in New York City.  She probably drinks a little more than she should.  And she really only has one friend.

Ellis is extremely successful in his own right.  He has very little patience for anything out of his control.  He also has a very dominant sexual appetite.

Delphine is somewhat of a mystery.  She has a definite agenda and will stop at nothing to tear Ellis down and take control of Vivian.

I thought that Girl Divided started very strong.  I was instantly drawn to Ellis and I loved Vivian’s spitfire attitude.  But I felt that Ellis started playing a confusing game with Vivian with little to no communication.  After Vivian’s accident he totally took over her whole life and it seemed everything that drew him to her disappeared. I’m still unclear the exact connection between Vivian and Delphine.

After the Delphine factor was introduced my anxiety went up. Ellis’s possession was out of his control and he didn’t like it.  I felt sad for Vivian because she just wanted to be his perfect submissive and an outside force was going to make sure that didn’t happen. I wanted Vivian to still have a piece of herself before she meet Ellis and I wanted Ellis to love her which I’m not sure he did.

There were plenty of hot and steamy moments in this story.  I liked where the story was going but one thing that I was missing was the romance.  It just didn’t seem like Ellis was as interested in loving Vivian as much as possessing her.

Girl Divided

My Rating:  3 Hearts1/2

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Pull Me Close (The Panic #1)

By Sidney Halson



Welcome to Panic, a sultry Miami nightclub where bodies and hearts move to a beat that doesn’t stop at sunrise—the setting for an emotionally charged series from the bestselling author of the Worth the Fight novels.

When Katherine Wilson passes out in the arms of the hottest man she’s ever seen, it’s not because of the lights, the pulsating music, or the crowded dance floor. It’s because she can’t enjoy a night out like a normal person, not with her debilitating anxieties. These panic attacks are going to destroy her life unless she takes control—or gets a helping hand. So after the club’s bad-boy owner personally escorts her home, Katherine feels something urgent and primal awaken inside of her.

Nick Moreno doesn’t need a headache like Katherine. A drug bust has put his father behind bars and forced Nick to take over the daily business of his family’s South Beach nightclub. His head tells him to walk away—but his body has other ideas. Katherine’s vulnerability, her grace and courage, compel him to reach out. And when they kiss, Nick is overcome by desire: to pull her close, and promise that his embrace will always be the safest place on earth. 


I simply cannot tell you my favourite scene – it is impossible – this story is a woven patchwork of having that one person to Pull You Close, cocoon you in their love – simply to be your warrior.

Sidney Halston has managed to combine two events in our history into a romantic story of repair, resolve and romance.  One minute I had tears in my eyes and the next I was fist pumping for Katherine taking another step in her recovery.

Katherine is my saviour, my warrior and beautiful and I immediately connected with her on such a personal level.   I have anxiety and depression and the way this author describes the thought processes of those who suffer this and measures you take to lead a normal life was simply spot on.  The personal desire of Katherine to not want to take medication, to lead a healthy and fulfilling life – this is not a depressing story it is one of rebirth and renewal.

Nick is judgemental and abrupt at the start however as soon as he stayed the night to make sure Katherine was okay – well right there I knew he was a keeper.

Matt who is Nick’s brother is an amazing character and he saw what his own brother could not right from the start and I am very happy to see he is getting his own story.

This story flowed perfectly, had the right amount of humour at times which gives the reader some lightness in a story that touches on the dark.  The sexual scenes and chemistry between Nick (Nico) and Katherine were simply sensual and will not disappoint the reader at all – I was left satisfied!

I love the cover and the ending was perfect.  We get a glimpse of the what is in store for Matt and I do hope that Nick and Katherine play a part in the next story as their journey is not over.

Looking forward to returning to Panic.

Quote: “I read once that if you don’t use your cock, it just falls off.  Poof, Just falls right the fuck off, and then all you’ll have left is a vagina.  Just putting that shit out there, man” 

Pull Me Close (The Panic #1)

My Rating: 5 Hearts

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Next August

By Kelly Moore



August Rylan has more money than he knows what to do with, and more secrets than anyone man can keep. He’s a public figure— a billionaire business genius and eligible bachelor—with no personal life, and he likes it that way. Tragedy has followed August throughout his life, and by the time he meets Nashville Jacoby, the secrets he’s harboring aren’t just sad, they’re dangerous.

Nashville is a nurse from the Deep South—the consummate country girl. She works hard, takes care of her family, and dreams of a simple life. She’s drawn to August, despite his refusal to open up to her, his intimidating fortune, and his controlling tendencies. He’s not only mesmerized by her physical beauty, he’s enthralled by her kind heart and sassy honesty. Their intense sexual chemistry surprises them both, and soon they’re locked in a passionate love affair. When August’s secrets finally catch up with him, however, their relationship isn’t the only thing that’s at stake. Someone from the past wants revenge on August and isn’t afraid to destroy the one thing August’s money can’t buy—the woman he loves.


Next August is told from random dual POV which I thought was perfect to fully understand this emotional and fulfilling romantic story.   I immediately connected to August, I cannot tell you why, the author just wrote his thoughts beautifully and then when Nash begins talking well I was sucked in and could not put this book down.  I cannot explain how these two characters just connected to me, the author has written a truly incredible romance story – I am lost for words.

Nash is softness, love, compassion and has an ability to just draw you in hence when August meets her well sparks just fly. August is so closed off and too busy repairing the wrongs of his father he cannot see what is right in front of him.

Their love story is fraught with misunderstandings, suspense and drama but you also get such special moments between Nash and August.  The story flows well and I felt the story jumped time at the right moments.  We were not bogged down in the stories of August’s father and mother, Sam and his mom or Nash’s parents – their moments were perfect and created depth overall.

August and Nash’s sex scenes were romantic with some intense, hot, dominating and simply erotic moments which did not disappoint me at all – hence one reason I could not put down!

The mystery component was a great ending to the whole winding up of the storyline of August and his parents and I was actually really surprised with his father’s outcome.  The ending also gives the reader a HEA with a few surprises that were just lovely and romantic.

If you are after a standalone romantic story that has all the elements of a great romantic suspense then Next August I can highly recommend.  This is going to my “to be read again” shelf as I could return to say hello to Nash & August anytime.

Next August

My Rating: 5 Hearts

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