Sweet Redemption (Sweet Duet #2)

By Ellie Jean


Powerfully romantic, sexually charged and full of emotional angst, the sequel to Sweet Deception will enrapture your heart.

Dreaming of a future with Alex Raven was foolish and dangerous… For us both.

My past defined who I was until Alex Raven found me that fateful night. The hot chemistry, passion and protective love he showed me made me want things I could never have. Risking everything, purging my sins, determined to free myself from the clutches of Dimitri Sokolov, I had to accept the ultimate consequence: my life without Alex.

But no one saw what was coming.

How could I have known?

Will I be able to save myself from my past errors? Will redemption ever happen for me with the one man who made me want to risk everything?



Sweet Redemption was a frantic and soul-destroying yet also stunning completion of this riveting mob suspense romance duet.  My heart was shattered for Isla but I also held such hope that Alex would be her savior and we are given a wonderful ending, it was so worth the journey.

Their story picks up right where Sweep Deception ended and I found it very easy to immerse myself back into this sinister world.  Isla is so fragile yet incredibly strong and in the first few chapters has to find her inner strength again as she battles for freedom.

Alex and his friends again provided so many favourite moments for me. The story flows well, family secrets are revealed and plot twists change that will leave you relieved and also distraught at points in time.

Alex and Isla’s connection is beautiful and passionate however I would have loved more tender moments especially as we reached the end of this story.    There is one moment where I personally believe a more soft and sensual interaction would have healed both their hearts and injuries.

All in all, I love this mafia romance, it had drama, deceit, secrets and ultimately unsuspecting hero’s who returns to save the day.

Sweet Redemption (Sweet Duet #2)

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