Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain #2)

by Kristen Ashley


You pick up a Kristen Ashley and you know you are going to get Alpha Men, Hot Sex, Suspense, Friendships and Laughs.  Sweet Dreams is about finding your place in the world next to a person who gives you peace at night.  How many times do you stay awake at night worrying about things that happen in your day, you need a person to take your weight of worry but also someone you can take theirs too, this is that story.

We meet Lauren who drives into Carnal after travelling around the country trying to find her place to settle after a bitter divorce where her husband cheats on her with her best friend.  Tate is a bad ass Bounty Hunter who happens to co-own the bar that Lauren picks up a job waitressing.   This story also mentions characters from Book 1 (The Gamble) being Nina Maxwell who Tate uses for a custody hearing for his son.  Tate and Lauren are just two sparks that ignite and all hell breaks loose both in and out of the bedroom.  The best thing about these two characters are that they are not twenty somethings, they have lived life and lost in love, they have issues and are stubborn.

The other two characters I really became attached to were Woods and Bubba.  I note that there is a book coming out for Woods and Maggie however I would love a story on Bubba & Krys as the friendship between Krys and Lauren was one of respect and girls sticking together – beautiful friendship.

The extended family characters will meld into your hearts along with the love triangles, ex husband and ex girlfriend and the townsfolk of Carnal.

Pick it up, you can read this without reading book 1 but I am one of those people that even if they are not entirely linked I still like to read from the start of a series.

My rating :

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