Sweet Deception

By Ellie Jean


I can’t let any man get too close to me…ever. But he’s the only man who has made me want to risk everything.

On my knees, looking up at Alex Raven changed my life irrevocably. Self-assured and powerful, his presence commanded attention…especially that of women. Intoxicated by what I wasn’t allowed, I entangled Alex in my web of lies and deceit…better known as my past and present. Shouldering his own secrets, he freely gave me his trust and protection. But would pulling him into my world be the future I so craved? Or mean the end for us both?


Firstly, cannot believe this is a debut novel, Sweet Deception had me twisted in knots from the beginning.  Isla’s story is full of heartache but yet hope and I immediately connected to her.

Around the middle, I was beside myself with fear of the unknown and I had so many questions and ideas.

When Isla takes a trip in this story I literally had to put the book down and take some deep breaths and calm my nerves.   I had to stop for 15 minutes and put on my big girl panties and travel this road with her.

There is a cliffhanger of sorts but it actually completes this section of Alex & Isla’s romantic journey.  For me it ended perfectly and then were are given a sneak peak of Sweet Redemption any how the characters are moving forward.

Alex was a stunning alpha mob character and then throw in his hot three friends  – tingles in all the right places.  It was great to see new friendships form and alliances take place.

This story flowed perfectly, it has the right amount of highs but also some incredible lows that you experience.  At times I too like Isla was trying to control my breathing and not panic.   Her anxiety attacks and the way she has the ability to compartmentalize her life is incredIble and shows her inner strength.

The secrets and revelations are amazing and I cannot believe right until the end we are still learning about Isla and her family history.  This is riveting reading and I so wish it was a standalone as I could not put this down.

Sweet Deception has all the ingredients of a Mob romance, it is dark, deceitful but also sensual and hopeful – I want so much more of Isla and Alex.

Sweet Deception

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