Sugar Daddy (Sugar Bowl # 1)

By Sawyer Bennett

BR Sugar Daddy


Sela Halstead lost her innocence in a way that no sixteen-year-old should ever have to endure. She’s spent years trying to forget that night even while wondering about the identities of the monsters who brutalized her—until a telltale tattoo flashes across Sela’s TV screen. The incriminating ink belongs to Jonathon Townsend, the millionaire founder of The Sugar Bowl, a website that matches rich older men with impressionable young women. Obsessed with revenge, Sela infiltrates Townsend’s world, only to come face-to-face with a tantalizing complication: Beckett North, his charismatic business partner.
The tech mastermind behind The Sugar Bowl, Beck always gets what he wants, in business and in bed. And yet, for a man who’s done every dirty thing imaginable, there’s something about the naïve, fresh-faced Sela that sparks his hottest fantasies. Because with her, it’s not just about sex. Beck opens up to her in ways he never has with other girls. So why does he get the feeling that she’s hiding something? In a world of pleasure and power, the shocking truth could turn them against each other—or bind them forever.
Note: Sugar Daddy ends on a cliffhanger. Sela and Beck’s story continues in Sugar Rush andSugar Free!


HOLY FUCKING CRAP!!!  What a story.  I could not put this one down.  The chemistry between Sela and Beck is hot and the sex is even hotter.  But it’s not all just hot sex and amazing chemistry; there are some sweet and homey scenes in there too.  I knew this was going to end in a cliffhanger but it still came out of nowhere and man, was it a doozy.  My first thought when I finished was, “Beck, you have no idea what you’ve just done.”.  How will he come back from this?  What is Sela feeling right now?  What is going to happen next?  Honestly, you will be left with a slew of questions and feelings that you’ll have to sort through.  I love a book that still has me reeling several days later.

My heart absolutely broke for Sela after being shown glimpses of what happened to her on the night of her sixteenth birthday and I totally get her need for revenge.  What is really sad though is that we haven’t been told everything that happened that night; just bits and pieces of it as she had her flashbacks.  Obviously, trust is not something she gives out freely, but it’s not long before she gives her trust to Beck.  There’s something about him that not only puts her at ease, but also helps her heal some of her old wounds.  Being with him has her thinking that she can possibly have a happy and normal life, and that’s something she wants even more than revenge.

Beck is a nice guy who donates whatever time and money he can for worthy causes.  He was born into a wealthy family and has amassed his own wealth, but it hasn’t gone to his head.  He knows that the Sugar Bowl trades in sex, but he’s actually very respectful of the woman in his company; he doesn’t think of them as whores or sluts, but instead thinks of them as smart businesswomen.  He’s a good guy who never gives up on his friends, despite the fact that he should have given up on JT a long time ago. There’s a deep connection hinted at throughout the book that Beck uses to justify his reason for not turning his back on JT, but it’s not been revealed yet.

SUGAR DADDY is told in dual POVs and is part one in the trilogy about Sela and Beck.  I cannot wait for the next book, SUGAR RUSH, which comes out on August 16.

Please note: This book talks about rape which may be a trigger for some readers.

Sugar Daddy (Sugar Bowl # 1)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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