Stirring Up Trouble (Garrett’s Point # 3)

By Savanna Grey

BR Stirring Up Trouble


Badass Biker – Rusty Shannon is one tall, badass, retired Navy Seal that owns and operates the Bottom’s Up Bar with a no-nonsense attitude. He runs a tight ship and intimidates most people he comes into contact with. While his demeanor comes in handy running a bar, it also hasn’t hurt his social life. Women are attracted to his large build, sexy beard and taunting tattoos. Many women have taken a ride on his Harley, but none have captured his heart until he tastes Melanie’s Sweet Potato Pie. 

Hometown Girl – Melanie Davis, known as Mel the Mediator, is the logical, peace-keeping one amongst her friends. So when trouble presents itself at the diner, and Rusty rushes to her rescue, she is both unprepared for the attraction she feels toward him and the fear that is resurrected from a long-past experience when holds her in his arms. 

Feeling like he’s been sucker-punched, Rusty grumbles around for several days not wanting to admit the effect Melanie has over him. That is until he realizes he isn’t the only one under her spell. When competition presents itself for her heart, Rusty is determined to stir things up. He’s never lost a mission and doesn’t intend to start now. Too much is at stake. 

While opposites attract, will Melanie choose the safe and comfortable path or will she open herself up and face her fears to find a happiness beyond measure in the unknown?


STIRRING UP TROUBLE is the third book in the Garrett Point series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.  It’s told in dual POVs, but sometimes the POV changes from first to third person (sometimes in the same sentence), which made it hard to follow at times.  I also noticed on two occasions that Rusty is called by the wrong name.  Please note, the ARC I read had yet to go through a final proofread, so hopefully these errors were fixed before publication.  Every book has to have conflict and a resolution and as I neared the end, I wondered what would happen to threaten the happy couple.  When the scene arrived, I was disappointed because the threat came out of nowhere and the person making it didn’t make sense.

We learn a lot about Melanie in this story; she strongly believes in forgiveness, second chances and helping others.  A man held her at gunpoint to rob her diner and when she finds out why he did it, not only does she forgive him, but she rallies the town to help him and others like him.  Rusty on the other hand, well, we don’t really learn much about him at all.  He’s a retired Navy SEAL, he owns a bar, he comes to Melanie’s rescue and he likes Melanie.  That’s really all there is to know about Rusty.  STIRRING UP TROUBLE is the first book I’ve read from Savanna Grey and I found it to be an enjoyable and fairly light read.

Stirring Up Trouble (Garrett’s Point # 3)

My Rating:  3 Hearts 1/2

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