Stepbrother Untouchable

By Colleen Masters


Colleen Masters needs to allow me to sleep, I swear I pick up one of these books and literally cannot put them down, they are easy to read which I enjoy.  I really was interested to read this story having just finished Stepbrother Billionaire, I wanted to see whether she could change it up for me because sometimes (yes we have all read them) some similar series books from authors seem to end up the same with just name changes.

Well this is not that type of series, different environment to the first, this one is set at college, the book flows, yes their parents get married but is covers a period during college and then over the summer college break.  I like that there are more characters in this story considering she is doing a summer internship at her new stepfathers business which adds some interested male admirers to the mix.  There is also a different dynamic between the mother and daughter which I found intriguing and sad.

The best difference is the sex in this novel to the Stepbrother Billionaire, it is well written even considering she just happens to be a virgin.  When Bryn loses her virginity, for once it is not multiple sexual positions, not all fireworks and multiple out of this world orgasms but yes it is probably sweeter than what most of us experienced. Nate is a horn dog who is well versed in the female body and has a definite skill in pleasing the opposite sex.  Great news Nate uses condoms throughout all their sexual scenes which at their age is responsible, he does not groan about the fact and considering he really was a bit of a sex slut is refreshing.  Nate is gorgeous and a beautiful guy just damaged from poor relationship examples from his dad (who just to warn you is a complete dick).

This one perhaps did not hit me emotionally as Stepbrother Billionaire but Colleen Masters has given me another beautiful story of friendships, family and finding love and happiness in perhaps not the most normal of circumstances.

Stepbrother Untouchable

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2 thoughts on “Stepbrother Untouchable

  1. Gabby

    Hi, I have a quick question and maybe you can help me out..?

    I was wondering if you knew where to find Nate’s POV for Stepbrother Untouchable, I could’ve sworn I found it online not too long ago, but I can’t seem to find it now and I find myself wondering if it ever existed in the first place, or if I had an extremely vivid dream about there being a version in his POV..

    Anyways, I appreciate whatever help you can give me!

    Thanks You!

    1. Lulu Post author

      Hi Gabby, I cannot recall seeing anything like that, may have been part of the promotional tour where they sometimes provide special links to different characters POV. Either way I too loved this. Happy Easter Lulu

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