Stealing Amy (Disciples #2)

By Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarty


They grabbed the wrong girl.

They thought I was his wife, not the woman he’s obsessed with.

Ivan Romanov is one of the Russian mafia’s biggest financial backers.

And he’s been destroying my life piece by piece just to get me in his bed.

I never wanted to be in this situation.


I was doomed. About to be forced by a powerful man who was willing to take what I didn’t want to give.

Then he came, a demon in the dark. A dark voice that told me to be a good girl if I want to live…


Making no apologies here I simply loved Stealing Amy, yes it is totally left of centre but I could not put this down as Amy is a sensual woman and Andrew is just all alpha man  This is fast paced, has great humour and continues on with the mystery story that surrounds the Disciples series.

Now to be honest I did not overly enjoy book 1, Keeping Lily, it was too fast paced for me but all reviews I read for book 2 said to read book 1 – I did and I am glad because you need to meet Lucifer before you get to Andrew.  Lucifer is an interesting character and it is great to see him progress further in this next instalment.

Amy and Andrew’s connection both physical and emotional just clicked all the way and then add Amy’s beautifully adaptable daughter Abigail and it just cements itself as a great romance read.  I read this in a day, it gives you everything, passionate sex scenes and then mystery and suspense.

We also return to see Lucifer and Lily who surprisingly felt more together as a couple and I actually enjoyed them in this book and also seeing more of their family.

Jonathan and his interactions with Abigail, looking after her and Amy, he was a favourite character for me in Stealing Amy.  I would also love a story on Simon as I think he will have a strong web of protection around his heart and it will take a special girl for him to lose control.

Quote:  She’s not going to be simply a wife to me or the woman who warms my bed No, she ‘s my possession. My fucking obsession.

Stealing Amy (Disciples #2)

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