StepSister Devotion Part Two

By Eve Cates


I could not put this down, once I commenced page one I could not leave Seb and Abigail, I was stuck in this world until the dramatic ending – again !!  When is part three coming, argh he left his phone, who will find it with that dam message, Eve Cates what are you doing to me?

StepSister Devotion Part Two picks up a few years along with Seb now a music star but we also get a back story of how this came about after the ending in Part One when he wakes up from turning 18 and having his heart broken.

I felt more connection in this part to Abigail and also can I say Seb’s music partner and her lover are great supporting characters in his life. I am so proud he has made his way in life with music and having his own money.

Cynthia his evil step mother is still a bitch but does not play such a big part in this story but I did enjoy the dance scene with Seb and Cynthia, interesting times I think are coming.  What is the story with the Aunty at the pre wedding dinner, does she know about Seb and Abigail? There were open ended questions at that dinner conversation or perhaps I was hoping?

I actually am loving Abigail and how we find out more about her family story, the expectations and connections since she was a teenager and good on Seb for making a stand.  OMG just had a thought, did they use protection, what is in Eve Cates mind for these characters? That is a question circling my brain and heart that keeps me coming back for more, what has she got in store for these tortured two lovers who cannot be together.

What will part three hold for us? It can only be more twists and turns, emotion and love, I cannot believe I have been totally sucked into this story – it truly is like a dirty little secret!

StepSister Devotion Part Two

My Rating: 

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