StepSister Devotion Part Three

By Eve Cates



A forbidden Romance told from the male point of view.

I asked her to make a choice and deep down, I knew what it would be. Our lives didn’t go together, and they still don’t. She’s the head of a giant corporation and I’m a musician who spends months at a time on the road. We exist in different worlds and I can accept that because I’m not the boy I once was, I’m not the broken soul I once was either.
But the world is forever changing, and our professional worlds are merging. Suddenly, we’re keeping similar company. Suddenly, we’re back in each other’s orbit. Things have changed. I have changed. Now, I’m a man who knows what he wants. Now, I’m a man who won’t be playing any games. Now, I’m a man who’ll take what’s mine, and I won’t apologise–not to a single soul.
This is happening. I don’t care anymore. Abigail belongs with me–out in the open, in secret…up against the dressing room door…she belongs with me.
I’m taking what’s mine, and I won’t be sharing.

My Review

OK StepSister Devotion has now earned my full 5 Hearts – Book Three is so off the charts amazing – I love Seb and Abi – they are magic.

I read this in a day, I could not put it down, I simply needed to know what happened to the telephone message, what was in the letter, what was the secret, will Cynthia the evil witch get her just deserts – Eve Cates has twisted a fantastic tale.

Quarter of the way through I kind of had an idea but did not want to hope too much, I had fingers crossed and wishing  with all my heart, Seb will not walk away this time.  I absolutely love how he is becoming a man in this book, he is sure of himself, he has determination, no self doubt, he is strong, he is alpha and he is standing up for what he wants.   God dam the man is hot with a capital H, man I want to pick up this book and read part three again – Seb is sex on a stick – are you getting my point – Seb is the man – Ok I need to stop take a deep breath!

I must say also that Abi came into her own this book aswell, I love her now, I did not in book one and two that much but now these two are like a piece of a puzzle that Eve is putting back together, she took her time and did it the right way.

So where is book four? Like now Eve Cates – I really want a HEA in book four – I hope you have given Seb the chance to experience it all and I mean EVERYTHING with Abi – he has to be there to support her – her husband has not and does not deserve to – I will not be a happy camper if it is taken away from him.

StepSister Devotion Part Three

My rating:  5 Hearts

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