Spellbound (Laid Bare # 3)

By S.R. Grey

BR Spellbound


With Dahlia ensnared in the clutches of Lucien’s sinister cousin, it would seem Selene’s evil plan to make Dahlia despise Lucien has been effective.

Will Selene sever their bond forever?

Not if Lucien has anything to say about it.

But when the powerful Mr. Chambers swoops in to rescue his young love, he soon discovers there’s more to Dahlia’s connection to him than he ever imagined.

Can Dahlia be saved? And if so, should Lucien save her? To do so may mean disaster.


We still don’t know what Lucien is or what his role in the world will be, but loving Dahlia seems to be making him more human, something his family is desperate to ensure doesn’t happen.  Selene’s plan was to turn Dahlia against Lucien, but his mother, Lucienna⎯who we meet very briefly in this book⎯believes it would be best if Dahlia were dead.  After rescuing Dahlia from his family for the second time, he decides it’s time to find out what his future holds and what his family’s plan is, so he and Selene head to Canada to meet a man that’s like him, who just might have all the answers and a way to keep Dahlia safe.

SPELLBOUND is book three in the Laid Bare series, and while the series has me intrigued, I felt this story was mostly filler, nothing more than a bridge between books two and four.  It’s a novella, so it’s a very quick read and everything has a rushed feel to it.  Bring on book four.

Spellbound (Laid Bare # 3)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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