Southern Desire: Southern Heart #2

By Kaylee Ryan


After experiencing heartache and loss, Whitney decides it’s time to move on and leave the past behind, while keeping the pain with her. Finding her way to Kentucky to be with family, she’s finally settling and feeling some happiness. She meets Aaron and he’s slowly showing her how to live again. But, what Aaron doesn’t know, is the deep secret she’s keeping from him.

Aaron doesn’t believe in spending time with women he doesn’t see a future with. Love, to him was black and white, until Whitney found her way into his life.

She’s his one and he’s her strength.

The overshadowing secret plaguing Whitney’s mind drivers her away, leaving Aaron and everyone she met behind.

Will Aaron find his way to Whitney again?

Or was their love something that most people desired and never found?


Southern Desire starts with a bond between mother and daughter that reminds me of my own bond with my mother.  Then heartache happens because her mother has cancer and is taken from her.  Whitney’s mother’s dying wish was for her to find love.  Now Whitney has to learn how to love and live again.

Whitney who has poured everything she was into spending every last moment with her mother and then having to find out who she is now.  She moves to the only family she has left and finds her heart there.  She is learning to grieve and to bond with others.

Aaron is the brother of Witney’s boss.  He is a man who is trying to find the one girl who he would build a house for.  So far he hasn’t found a girl that he would spend more than one or two nights with.  He wants to find what his parents and sister have.  Once he met Whitney he found the first person he really wanted to get to know.

Southern Desire is a story of love, loss and the courage to live again.  For Whitney it’s about healing and staying true to who she is and allowing herself to grieve.  For Aaron, it’s about not letting his one get away even when she can’t tell him all her fears.  Whitney needs time to find herself again but there is a dark cloud that hangs over her that she has trouble telling Aaron. She’s afraid of ruining his life.  Instead of trusting the love that they have she gives into fear.

This story is beautiful in its relationships, between brother and sister, children and parents, and between friends.  It is also beautiful in how much heart is shown in each of these relationships. They may sometimes be messy but they always shine through in the end.

Southern Desire

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