Small Town Siren (Texas Siren Series #1)

By Lexi Blake


Re-released in a second edition with a prologue and three new chapters.

Two cowboys looking for love…

Jack Barnes and Sam Fleetwood met in foster care. Over the years, they’ve become best friends and partners. They share a business as cattle ranchers and a house. There’s only one thing missing: a woman to share. The men are sure they’ve found that woman when Abigail Moore arrives in their small town, Willow Fork, TX.

A woman trying to find her place in the world…

Abby left her hometown twenty years before under a cloud of scandal. She’s raised a daughter, forged a new life for herself, and is ready for the next phase when she meets the handsome cowboys.

One small town that’s ready to explode…

They’re a dream come true—Jack is the sexy Dom, and Sam the playful lover. It’s everything she’s ever fantasized about. There’s only one problem. She’s still not welcome in Willow Fork, and someone is willing to kill to keep her away. 


First of all, I Love the newly revised cover and I had not read the previous version of this story released under Sophie Oak.    Upon finishing I have many questions and I do hope Siren in the City (book 2) will intensify Sam, Jack and Abby’s love story.

The connection between Sam and Abby I felt to my bones, he was caring and had humour and their interactions were lovely.

At times I found Jack hard to connect with, he was definitely an alpha male and has many underlying issues.  Hoping that in book 2 we uncover more of Jack and how his relationship with Sam and Abby is going to develop.

Jack, Sam & Abby’s sex scenes were well written and pushed all the right buttons.  When they all joined as one in the bedroom this was a favourite moment because this was very emotional and worth the build up.  Whilst Sam immediately connected to Abby’s distress, unfortunately, Jack did not which I did struggle with being he was the Dom in this group relationship.

Abby’s history with the town and the way people treated her broke my heart at times.  She was such a strong woman to bring up her daughter all by herself.  We do get to meet her daughter at the end of the story.

I will have to admit I was left slightly disappointed with the 6-week jump at the end of this story.

Small Town Siren (Texas Sirens Series #1)

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