Sizzle (Sizzle Series # 1)

By Sarah O’Rourke

BR Sizzle

Sizzle introduces us to Molly, a 24yo Executive Assistant to William, aka Devil, a 38yo millionaire and reputed ladies man.  Both families have been friends for years, with Devil being a part of Molly’s life since she was born.

When Devil’s beloved Nana has a heart attack, she makes it known that her dying wish was to see her grandson get married and have children.  Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to get the woman he’s been dying to have for the past year, he tricks Molly into becoming his fiancé.  Molly is livid, but she wants Nana happy in her last days too so she agrees to the fake engagement.  But Devil is hiding a secret: he doesn’t want Molly for a fake engagement or temporary marriage, he’s been in love with her since she started working for him and wants her as his real  and lifelong wife.

The first thing I have to say about Sizzle is that it took me almost four days to finish.  It is a long book (130,000+ words), but overall I found it just couldn’t keep my attention.  When day four rolled around, I was skipping quite a lot just so I could finally finish it and move on to another book.

One of the things that had me rolling my eyes was the constant talk of maiming and killing someone.

Molly:  “I just want you to know that in the last ten minutes I’ve come up with fifty ways to kill you and make it look completely accidental.”

It was quite funny at first, but when every character was making those same kind of threats repeatedly, it stopped being funny and ended up feeling like an old recycled joke.

Now to the good stuff.  Despite what I said above, this is a funny book.

Molly:  It was amazing what a good romp between the sheets…and against the wall…and in the shower could do for a woman’s disposition.

And I have to say the supporting characters are fantastic.  Every character has an amazing sense of humour and felt like they belonged in the book.  I don’t think there is one character I would change.

And I can’t forget the sex.  I mean, just WOW!!!

Devil:  “Now, do me a favour and put that mouth to use doing something a little more pleasurable than threatening me, darlin’.”

I liked Molly and Devil.  Molly felt real: her reactions, fears and insecurities were spot on.  She’s very insecure about her body, and sometimes this comes across as a little annoying, but then you have to remember that Devil has been parading around town with stick-thin model types, so her insecurities are not without reason.  Devil was one hot alpha-male.  He dominates this world, and those that cross him learn true fear in the face of his threats.  My only annoyance with Devil is he’s another uber-dominant male, who for some reason can’t tell the woman he likes that he has feelings for her.  Hello???  For God’s sake, man up and tell the girl you like her.

Devil:  “In the scope of things, this is just a day, babe.  It’s one day.  I want the marriage.  I want all the days.  This wedding is window dressing, honey.”

Sizzle (Sizzle Series # 1)

My Rating:  3 Hearts 1/2

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