Sins of my Father (Black Brothers #1)

By Lisa Cardiff


An eye for an eye…

My name is Archer Black, and I have a confession.

For as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around getting revenge against Senator Thomas Wharton.

It was supposed to be easy. Uncover his secrets. End his political career. Ruin his Presidential campaign. Use his stepdaughter, Langley Mayer, to do it. She’s also my step-sister, but she doesn’t know that. Nobody does.

But nothing is as easy as it seems. When my high-stakes plan for revenge takes a deadly turn, I’m the only person standing between Langley and the people who want her dead. Time is running out, and I need to decide what I need more: love or revenge.


Sins of my Father is my fourth book by this author. She has again delivered a great mystery with lots of suspense and wonderful romantic passionate moments centered within a political backdrop.

First of all, Archer and Langley had great chemistry and it was interesting to see the consequences how Archer’s perception of Langley from the beginning of the book changes over time.

Sins of my Father told in dual POV which definitely assisted in my ability to understand the motives behind both Archer & Langley’s interactions with each other.

I connected immediately to Archer however with Langley I would have loved to have seen more interaction with her mother as it most likely would have assisted me to understand her opinions and actions clearly.

Sins of my Father had great moments of political surprise.

Sins of my Father (Black Brothers #1)

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