Sincerely, Carter (Sincerely Carter # 1)

By Whitney Gracia Williams

BR Sincerely, Carter


Just friends.
We’re just friends.
No, really. She’s just my best friend…

Arizona Turner has been my best friend since fourth grade, even when we “hated” each other. We’ve been there for one another through first kisses, first “times,” and we’ve been each other’s constant when good relationships turned bad. (We even went to colleges that were minutes away from each other…)

Throughout the years, and despite what anyone says, we’ve never crossed the line.

Never thought about it.
Never wanted to.

Until one night changed everything.
At least, it should’ve …

Just friends.
We’re just friends.
I’m only saying this until I figure out if she’s still “just” my best friend…


SINCERELY, CARTER is a wonderful friends to lovers story.  The story starts with a fourth-grade Carter having to write an apology letter to his arch-nemesis, Arizona.  When Carter sees that Arizona’s “apology” letter looks a lot like his initial ones, they become fast friends.  Spring forward to present day and Carter and Arizona are still the best of friends.  Since fourth grade, they have shared everything together and no topic was off limits.  They shared stories of first kisses, first times, bad boyfriends and crazy girlfriends.  Their strong bond not only confuses those around them, but causes problems with both of their love lives, although neither of them realise why at the time.  When both find themselves single at the same point in time, they start to look at each other in ways they never did before, seeing things in the other that everyone else around them sees.

But when a different form of love starts to evolve, their whole “sex won’t change us” plan starts to fall apart.  And when Carter lies in order to ensure Arizona follows her dream, the solid friendship and new relationship suffers terribly.  It’s then up to him to do whatever he can to get back his best friend and greatest love.

I found this book enjoyable with it’s light-heartedness and humour, and I thought the book was just right in length, with the story not moving too fast or too slow.  The book not only switches POVs, but also flashes back in time throughout the book.  Carter and Arizona were very likeable and great to read about.  And I love this cover.  I can totally picture Carter looking like this after he jeopardised his relationship with Arizona.

Sincerely, Carter (Sincerely Carter # 1)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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