September (Calendar Girl # 9)

By Audrey Carlan

BR September


Vegas, Viscous Exes, and Ventilators. 

My life felt like a fast ride on a too short highway. Coming home should be roses and rainbows, but nothing that comes out of the desert blooms free. I was most certainly not free. I’d missed my payment to Blaine, owed the last client a hundred grand I didn’t have, and my father was on his deathbed. To make matters worse, Wes was missing in action. As in, no one had seen or heard from him in three weeks. Devastation didn’t begin to explain where my mental state was at. 

Like anything life had thrown my way, I pulled on my big girl panties, not the sexy lacy ones I enjoyed teasing my guy with, but the kind that said, “This ass means business.” 

I had no choice but to make the decision I made. 

My ex, the man that ruined the concept of love for me, put my father in the hospital, was about to get everything he ever wanted…at least that’s what I led him to believe. 


Wow, what a month SEPTEMBER was for Mia.  Mia and Maddi are still coming to terms with what they discovered in AUGUST, while their father’s health takes a turn for the worse.  If that’s not enough to deal with, Mia missed her monthly payment to Blaine because she skipped out on her September client to be by her father’s bedside, and Blaine is insisting she pay back her debt in other ways.  She’d love to take Wes up on his offer to pay off her debt, but he’s been out of contact for weeks and she can’t get through to him, which only adds to her stress levels.  And when we find out why Wes has been MIA?  Holy crap, I didn’t see that coming at all.

SEPTEMBER was a very exhausting month for Mia, both emotionally and physically.  But thanks to her family and friends, she was able to keep her sanity and was finally able to remove Blaine from her life.  She’s now free to move on to the next phase of her life while continuing on her year long journey.

September (Calendar Girl # 9)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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