StepSister Devotion Part Four

By Eve Cates


Part Four and the final of this series, Eve Cates delivers on romance, passion, family, forgiveness, resolutions and lifetime devotion.

StepSister Abi and StepBrother Seb have hurdles to overcome but all storylines are neatly tied up and there are some characters that I did not like which in this part had me forgiving them by the end of the book – interesting.

I am keeping this review short and sweet as there is so much happening in this final part that I do not want to ruin it for anyone.

The only thing I will say is that I did find this final part a bit rushed for me and I do understand with everything that needed to be resolved and perhaps I was not really ready to leave Seb and Abi just yet? One other thing and this is just my opinion but I think these four parts would have made a knock your socks off book – I probably would have locked myself away for two days or called in sick at work as it flowed really well from book one all the way through to book four and there was so much suspense and the way we saw their lives from young children to adults was fantastic.

Thanks for a great story Eve Cates – well done !!

My rating:  

StepSister Devotion Part Four

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