Stepbrother Obsessed

stepbrother obsessed

By Devon Hartford

I have read a great deal of StepBrother romances of late and this is my first by a male author and honestly it was a refreshing change.  The family dynamic was interesting in that Skye was probably closer to her step mother than her own father and I loved their relationship.  Catarina I found really comforting and sensitive and provided such a nurturing environment for Skye.

Dante and Skye ignite when together with heartfelt tenderness, passion and sexual chemistry.  I enjoyed the way their sex scenes were written, obviously Dante had more experience and Skye thank god was not a virgin but she was still a little innocent in some areas.

There were some intense and humorous moments within this story, loved the geek junior friends who helped Skye as they reminded me of The Big Bang Theory,  Skye’s strength whilst being bullied quite ruthlessly at school and her friendship with Rox were standouts for me.  The quite confronting physical scene in the lounge room was really emotional and I felt for her dad, he was only trying to do the best for his daughter.

Now saying the above some negatives for me were that I found the scenes at the waterpark too long and drawn out, I was also disappointed with the whole moment of confrontation after Dante leaves and her Dad enters her room late in the night.  I felt from this point the various storylines were tied up too quickly.  I picked the geeks playing a part early on and was simply waiting for them to help Skye when she yelled.

Personally I would have loved a few scenes told from her Dad’s point of view having conversations with Catarina so I could understand him especially when he went missing whilst Skye sat her exams –  I have so many questions!!  I know her Dad loved Catarina and their relationship was strained during this time.

Having said the above I really did enjoy this story and it is probably one of the most realistic.

Stepbrother Obsessed

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