Savior (First to Fight #4)

By Nicole Blanchard



II thought I put my past behind me.

I lost everything when I testified against my fiancé for the murders of five women. After the jury delivered a life sentence, I ran. I hoped if I could disappear, maybe the horror he caused would, too.

When I return to Florida for the first time after his conviction, I’m determined to face my fears and get my life back. Then, a woman is murdered and I’m the only one who believes her death features the same signature as those I’m trying so hard to forget.

Instinct tells me to run again, but local cop Logan Blackwell has never let a suspect–or a woman–get away. He’s made it his own personal mission to solve the case and he needs my help to do it.

I have no choice once we learn I’m the next target, but I’m not interested in getting close to another man, especially not a sexy former Marine who has secrets of his own.



Savior is book 4 of the First to Fight series and I really thought I would have loved it more – sadly no – I am left unsatisfied upon finishing.

My favourite two books of the series remain as Warrior and Survivor.

I am sorry but twenty chapters of mystery and it is all over in two pages that end chapter twenty and then we are given a Epilogue kind of left me flat with too many questions in my head for a STANDALONE.

What I loved – the connection between Logan and Sienna was just immediate and I felt it to my bones.  Logan was perfect for Sienna and the Epilogue simply ended beautifully for the characters, thank you for giving Sienna the gift you did, it was like a full circle.  I did find it a bit weird that Logan next caught onto the “secret” considering how alpha and protective he was.

Grandma Rose and Aunt Diane were two characters I loved from the start and their world of B&B made a safe haven for Sienna.  To watch these two women circle Sienna and give her a safe place was a beautiful thing to read and their humour gave light to sometimes dark moments.  Their banter with Logan being the overprotective Aunt and Grandma was fantastic, love seeing a grown alpha man brought to hell by two overprotective loving women.

What left me unsatisfied was the pace which towards the end was too fast in order to wrap up the whole drama and suspense, especially the motel scene.  I mean it was like “wham bam thank you ma’am” and it was all over.  We got no further information.

I have so many questions about  Joseph and Gavin.  Did the killer think Paige was Piper?  Why did he kill off her friends? Was he trying to get rid of them all so she would need him?  I wanted to know more about that fateful night at the nightclub, I was dying to know his side of the story?    After finishing this book I actually went back to the when she was at college and checked some paragraphs in case I missed something as the whole ex Fiancee Gavin was not sitting right with me.

Saviour (First to Fight #4)

My Rating: 3 Hearts

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