Saving Grace (Lone Stars # 2)

By Katie Graykowski

BR Saving Grace


Grace Kelley isn’t blonde, demure, and she definitely isn’t a princess. At the moment, fifteen dollars and a single peppermint stand between her and starvation. When she meets a teenaged girl in trouble, Grace’s life takes a turn for the better. She goes from a homeless singer to a nanny in no time flat.

Professionally, Chord Robbins has the world at his feet. As the coach of the Super Bowl winning NFL team, The Austin Lone Stars, there is nothing he can’t do. But his home life is hell. He has three kids, no discipline, and his wife left him for her yoga instructor. When Grace stumbles into his life, he promptly throws her out. But she won’t stay away. Since he can’t get rid of her, he hires her.

When these two get together, it proves that all is fair in love and football… and losing is just the beginning.


SAVING GRACE was another light-hearted and fun read in the Lone Stars series.  Stumbling into the Robbins’ family turns out to be the best thing that’s happened to Grace in a very long time.  Living in her car and with no money to her name, taking a job as a live-in-nanny for an NFL coach and his three kids is a no-brainer.  She now has security, stability, a roof over her head and is earning enough money to get her beloved uncle into a better care facility, so she doesn’t want to do anything that could jeopardise her good fortune.  And that includes sleeping with her very new and very hot boss, Chord.

Grace was amazing and a fantastic mother figure to Chord’s three kids.  She was a lot of fun but also firm when the kids needed discipline.  She turns Chord’s hectic home life and troublesome kids into the family he desperately wanted but didn’t know how to get.  She even got Chord to lighten up, have fun and become a better father to his children.

Chord was also good, but he did have trust issues, which is understandable when you find out what his ex-wife did to him.  But sadly it’s those trust issues that cause problems for their relationship after he finally convinces her to give him a chance.

Chord:  “I guess I wanted to see what type of man interested you.  I can be that man if you’d just give me a chance.”

I love that Katie writes such strong female characters and knows how to inject good humour into her stories.  We got to catch up on how Summer and Clint are doing in their relationship and there’s more interaction with the Lone Stars team in this book.  There’s a potential for a lot of books in this series.

Saving Grace (Lone Stars # 2)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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